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The History of the Paso Fino: a Classical Horse

The History of the Paso Fino: a Classical Horse By: Quentin Justice When Christopher Columbus landed in the New World in 1492, he found a continent without horses.  After returning to Spain, upon his return to the Americas, he brought back mares and stallions from Andalusia and Cordela.  These horses were a mixture of Andalusian, […]

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Global warming is killing the coqui

(San Juan, Puerto Rico)SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Back in the Puerto Rican rain forest for the first time in five years, biologist Rafael Joglar sensed something was wrong. He wasn’t hearing the frogs whose nocturnal calls he had long recorded in the misty highlands. It was as if a small orchestra had lost […]

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Luquillo Beach – La Capital del Sol

Luquillo Beach Luquillo Beach is the jewel of all the Puerto Rican beaches. Known as La Capital del Sol, the sun capital and La Riviera de Puerto Rico, (Puerto Rico’s Riviera) this wonderful place was founded in 1797 by Cristobal Guzman. The huge plantation that hosts large coconut palms shades more than a mile of […]

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El Yunque – Puerto Rico’s Rain Forest

Author: Derek Robinson el Yunque Puerto Rico In the northeastern corner of Puerto Rico lies one of the richest rain forests on earth. El Yunque National Forest, formerly called the Caribbean National Forest, is the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System. It’s an important ecosystem on the island, and a favorite […]

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el Morro

Photo Gallery of the mighty fort in Old San Juan. A walk into the history of Puerto Rico. el Morro

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New York City Puerto Rican Parade 1977

Photos from the Puerto Rican Parade in New York City 1977

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Paso Fino Horses – Puerto Rico Paso Fino

Paso Fino Horses By: Crystal A. Eikanger The Paso Fino horse has a proud past and is one of the oldest native breeds in the Western Hemisphere. During the 500 years that they have been selectively bred in the Western Hemisphere, the Paso Fino has participated in the conquest of the Americas, and then in […]

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Three Kings Festival in Puerto Rico

By Daniel BeDell Puerto Ricans are a friendly, outgoing, and always looking for a reason to have fun. Visit Puerto Rico from Thanksgiving Day until mid January and you’ll find the island in full party mode. Of course they enjoy Christmas and New Years but in Puerto Rico, the really big celebration is reserved for […]

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Piragua – Puerto Rico Piragua

Piragua A piragua is a Puerto Rican frozen treat, shaped like a pyramid, made of shaved ice and covered with fruit flavored syrup which are sold by vendors, known as piragüeros, in small colorful pushcarts. Piraguas are not only sold in Puerto Rico; they can be found in the United States in areas such as […]

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12th Annual Cuatro Festival Puertorriqueño

  Saturday November 20, 2010   The The Puerto Rican Arts Alliance is proud to announce the 12th Annual Cuatro Festival celebration.  We will be featuring cuatristas from around the Midwest, and have special guests from Puerto Rico performing as well. La Allianza de las Artes Puertorriqueñas se enorgullese de anunciar la celebración del 12mo. Festival […]

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