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Domino Tables: Symbols Of Puerto Rican Culture

Puerto Rican Domino Table

If there is one thing Puerto Ricans may have defined better than any other culture, it is how to have a genuinely good time without the use of modern technology. One of the most definitive objects in Puerto Rican homes is the domino table. Nearly every family has one, and some have had their tables […]

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Miguel Cotto, A Puerto Rican To Be Proud Of

Miguel Cotto

Along with some of the greats, Ada Veléz, Rico Ramos, Amanda Serrano – Miguel Ángel Cotto Vázquez is one of those boxers that only come along once in a lifetime. Puerto Ricans have a long history of producing champions in all weight classes and Miguel Cotto holds a unique place as a four-time world champion […]

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The History of the Paso Fino: a Classical Horse

The History of the Paso Fino: a Classical Horse By: Quentin Justice When Christopher Columbus landed in the New World in 1492, he found a continent without horses.  After returning to Spain, upon his return to the Americas, he brought back mares and stallions from Andalusia and Cordela.  These horses were a mixture of Andalusian, […]

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Competencias de Domino

Las competencias de dómino en los Estados Unidos se rigen por las Reglas de Dominousa, sistema “Suizo”, las cuales se enumeran a continuación. Duración del Partido: Los partidos de dómino se juegan a doscientos (200) puntos o cuarenta (40) minutos, lo cual ocurra primero. Si los 40 minutos ocurren primero, la pareja con la mayor […]

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How to select a set of Double Six Dominoes

Domino Set The standard domino set for Double Six consists of 28 pieces.  Get a set with larger pieces and spinners.  Sets with the largest pieces of dominoes are called professional and jumbo, and they measure 1”x2”x3/8” and 1”x2”x1/2”, respectively.  These larger pieces are easier to handle, and they can stand at the ends without […]

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Quiet Pictures, a New York-based production company, announced today that “Roberto Clemente” won the 2008 NCLR ALMA Award® for Outstanding Made-for-Television Documentary. Written, Directed and Produced by Bernardo Ruiz, the American Experience (PBS) documentary chronicles the life of an exceptional baseball player and committed humanitarian, who challenged racial discrimination to become baseball’s first Latino superstar. […]

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Paso Fino Horses – Puerto Rico Paso Fino

Paso Fino Horses By: Crystal A. Eikanger The Paso Fino horse has a proud past and is one of the oldest native breeds in the Western Hemisphere. During the 500 years that they have been selectively bred in the Western Hemisphere, the Paso Fino has participated in the conquest of the Americas, and then in […]

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Como mencionáramos en nuestra sección anterior, un buen Gallo de pelea depende del buen cuido que hayan tenido sus padres en el momento de aparearse. Los pollos nacen del huevo de la gallina y se tardan en nacer 21 días a partir desde el primer día en que la gallina se queda clueca y se […]

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La Casta De Gallos de Pelea en Puerto Rico

Castar un Gallo de Pelea es un arte que se lleva en la sangre, la casta es sinónimo de cría, valentía, lucha, poder y orgullo; placer de ver los nuestros triunfar sin dar marcha atrás aún en momentos difíciles. Castar no es otra cosa que aparear Gallos de cría (finos) con las mejores Gallinas para […]

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PUERTO RICO es el paraíso en el deporte de las peleas de gallos, conocido también como el deporte del pico y las espuelas y el deporte de los Caballeros. En la Isla hay activas 128 galleras incluyendo el Coliseo Gallístico de Puerto Rico en Isla Verde al lado del aeropuerto internacional Luis Muñoz Marín y […]

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