Miami, Florida, October 29, 2012 – In this year’s tight Presidential election, where every vote “will” count, a group known as Florida Puerto Ricans for Obama has come together to release a video supporting President Barack Obama. The video is a direct response to the negative ads from Mitt Romney supporters which have been flooding the Hispanic airwaves with misleading information regarding Obama’s record. The video responds to the negative ads by highlighting President Obama’s historic accomplishments and declares, “Si Podemos!” Yes, we can make change happen.

The video is in Spanish and English to reflect the bilingual culture of the Puerto Rican community. The Puerto Rican leaders who participated in the video include: Jimmy Morales, a successful Miami attorney and County Commissioner; Luis De Rosa, a prominent business leader; Nilsa Velazquez, a dedicated advocate of early childhood issues; Frances Pelliccia, a small business owner, and Kimel Menendez, an Iraq war veteran.

Facts about the Puerto Rican vote in Florida:

22.9% of the population in Florida is Hispanic (with a population of over 4 million), and Puerto Ricans make up over 20% of the Hispanic population (with close to 900,000 people)

While Cubans make up the largest Hispanic group in Florida (with a population of 1.3 million), Puerto Ricans are the second largest Hispanic group in the state

Considered Florida’s swing voters, Puerto Ricans are attributed to giving Barack Obama the victory in Florida in 2008, and are likely to play a vital role in deciding who gets Florida’s 29 electoral votes in 2012

Florida Puerto Ricans for Obama

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