Social buying travel website FlightsUnite launches with Rio Mar deal

The revolution started 12 months and 500 deal-a-day websites ago known as social buying just got an upgrade with the introduction of FlightsUnite.com.  This upgrade is like going from the cargo cabinet with the pets and the luggage to the first row in first class.  FlightsUnite, www.flightsunite.com, is a legitimate – socialbuying experience in which the focus is concentrated on the consumer.  With FlightsUnite, travel groups are started by users, promoted by users, and designed by users who are planning to visit a certain destination.

Barbara Tripp (lol, as in trip, get it?), for instance, wants to go to London, England sometime soon.  She then starts a Destination Group on FlightsUnite to see who else in the world wants to go to England.  Anyone in the world can join, isn’t that incredible? Then, as a group, FlightsUnite organizes deals for accommodations and everything else in London for group members to purchase.

Brilliant!!! As they say on those beer commercials.  An obvious evolution in consumer behavior since the advent of instant global communications. This is a no-brainer.  Where can I buy a .0001% share in this company?

Travel buying groups to destinations throughout the world are now uniting on FlightsUnite.com

The Wyndham Rio Mar Resort and Spa located in Rio Grande, PR has made the first offer to the more than 1300 members of the FlightsUnite Puerto Rico group discounted room rates and other great perks to members of the social buying travel website FlightsUnite, www.flightsunite.com

The FlightsUnite Rio Mar package includes:

  • A $165 anytime per night room rate.
  • Free breakfast buffet for two each day at the Mirabella Restaurant
  • VIP Card giving the FlightsUnite member 25% off spa treatments, tennis, golf, water sports, cabana rentals, and more.
  • A $55 rate for transportation from SJU to the Rio Mar for up to 5 persons.
  • $20 off per person for an East Wind Catamaran snorkeling excursion
  • Discounts of up to 60% off local restaurants.
  • 25% off local taxi service.

And much more.

*Booking ends April 30, 2011 for travel dates from April 1 – Dec. 23, 2011

If you aren’t one of the 1,300 members who joined this Rio Mar buying group on FlightsUnite.com already, don’t fret my friends.  Ya’ all still have until April 30th to join the group and take advantage of the great discounts being offered by the Rio Mar and other Puerto Rico businesses.  Registration is free.

Just click on this link,   http://www.flightsunite.com/packages/rio+mar+resort+and+spa/ to get info on joining the Puerto Rico group and purchasing this great social buying deal. And no, the group doesn’t have to travel together, to answer the question that just crossed your mind.

If the world’s internet users spread the word, this concept works for all involved and will be here to stay.

If you would like to go to Las Vegas in the coming months, join the Las Vegas destination group.  What about Disney World, or New York City?  Join those groups.  As the group size grows, so does the group’s power to negotiate.  After a deal has been struck with one of the area’s top resort or hotel, an email will be sent notifying you of the offering and how to purchase.  It’s that easy.  Just join a destination group, or start one, and FlightsUnite does the rest. Well, the world’s internet users could help make this happen a lot easier by spreading the word about FlightsUnite and this unique social buying experience.

Lets unite as one and save a ton

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