Puerto Rico Sun Communications

Puerto Rico Sun CommunicationsPuerto Rico Sun Communications started as a grassroots e-magazine in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2002. Today it is an independent community media and art business registered in the Bronx, NY. A social entrepreneurship, PRSUN has a growing portfolio of new media services.

PRSUN’s social and business mission is to inform, empower and build community, using a multimedia approach. The official website is www.puertoricosun.com.

Founded by veteran journalist Clarisel Gonzalez, PRSUN is an Internet-based business. It produces several media and art projects, including Puerto Rico Sun, a cultural news and art blog, Bronx Latino, a lifestyle blog, and Clarisel’s Photo Place, a photo project. By leveraging Clarisel’s extensive industry experience, PRSUN also offers teaching and consulting services in journalism and social media.

In addition, Clarisel’s services include freelance writing for publications and clients; curating and participating in art shows as a photographer; and leading social media campaigns for nonprofits and small businesses.

PRSUN primarily serves a diverse and influential English-speaking Puerto Rican/Latino community in New York City. As an Internet business, PRSUN also strives to have a national voice. It hopes to be a bridge between Puerto Ricans/Latinos in NYC, Puerto Rico and other important Puerto Rican/Latino markets in the United States. Readers are upwardly mobile Latino men and women who are bilingual/bicultural with a preference for English media. PRSUN Communications not only reaches Latinos who speak English and have an interest in their Latino heritage, but anyone interested in Latino culture, art and information.

Community oriented with a global reach, PRSUN Communications serves as a forum for community life and issues and maintains relationships with local artists and cultural institutions, civic organizations, individual community and business leaders as well as elected officials. PRSUN Communications covers community news, events and views, lifestyle, culture, arts and entertainment. It produces original content and welcomes user generated content. As part of the community, PRSUN uses technology to report on
people, places and happenings going on in Puerto Rican/US Latino niche. PRSUN’s goal is also to help change negative stereotypes and share the Puerto Rican/Latino experience with a global audience.

The main objective for the business is to generate steady revenue while building a network for the Puerto Rican and Latino community. PRSUN Communications currently seeks advertisers and sponsors.

Clarisel is founder and administrator of the Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network, a grassroots group for, by and about Bronx entrepreneurs and businesses. PRSUN is a member of the National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce.

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