10 Things to Do at Night to Have Fun 

When it comes to doing things at night for fun, the obvious choice most people turn to is to go out and enjoy the nightlife culture. But what else is there to do with friends in the evening for fun? Whether you want to play poker in an online casino, or some board games, here are 10 things to do at night for fun.

Game Night

When looking for a fun experience when people get bored with bar-hopping and opting for board games at home, the biggest obstacle is the start-up investments required to purchase the games initially. Although, once you do have the fun, the only thing you need to pay for is the snacks!

Movie night

Going to the movies is costly! The ticket, and if you dare buy popcorn and a soda, you will have spent your entire paycheck! A more cost-effective option is to have a movie night at home. Choose a house to meet at and then a movie to watch.

You can either look for a free movie on cable or purchase one on demand. Typically, renting one will only cost a few dollars. Taking turns choosing a movie will enable you to see movies you otherwise wouldn’t when on your own.


Often an overlooked classic that is doomed to cliche Hollywood movies – bowling is a fantastic way to have some fun in comfortable clothes. While you can have a drink or two, this is not required, and not even needed to have a good time. Bowling is a great activity while you and your friends enjoy a riveting conversation.


This is not to be confused with a location for swimming. Even if you’ve never played pool or billiards, it’s classic party fun. Most billiard halls rent tables by the hour, so you can split the bill if you have four friends. Keep in mind that some places charge per person rather than per table. So, make sure to inquire!


Nothing beats sitting around a bonfire at night, talking, and hanging out with friends. Of course, you’ll need a suitable location for a fantastic bonfire. If you live in a neighborhood where bonfires are not permitted, all is not lost. One should inquire if any of your close friends have a fire pit to use, and if not, you can build or purchase one. Set some folding chairs around it, or lay down some blankets, and you’re good to go.

Assemble a Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are great. They make your mind work while simultaneously allowing you to relax. Puzzles allow people to unwind after a long week. Puzzles can be purchased almost anywhere, however, the pros recommend choosing some that look like an image without trying too hard. This is particularly true for first-timers. Putting together a complex puzzle for the first time can be frustrating and deter people from continuing. Remember, the point is to have fun, don’t make things too complicated.

Laser Tag

Imagine running around and shooting the opposing team; this is the reality of laser tag. Guns and jackets that interact uniquely bring things such as scorestreaks or other perks to life. Similar to playing an in-person version of your favorite shooting video game. The great thing about laser tag is that it can be played outside in the summer and inside in the winter!

Learn a skill

It’s always an excellent time to learn a new skill. Numerous free resources help you or your friends learn a new life skill, such as baking or woodwork, or a creative hobby, such as felting or watercolor painting. Furthermore, you may be able to earn extra money having acquired your new skill. To get started, borrow some books from the library, or look up some online tutorials. The best way to enjoy an evening with your friends is if you all have similar goals or hobbies.

An evening spa

Organizing a spa evening is a fun nighttime adventure. Gather your friends and hire a team of masseuses to pamper you and your pals. This is fun because it is thoughtful and unexpected (whereas a day spa event would not be as surprising, a night spa event is an outlier).

Walking around your neighborhood

One of the best late-night activities to do with friends is to go for a walk in your neighborhood, assuming it is safe to do so. You can walk around and reminisce, visit old places you frequented when you were younger, and see other sites that have sprouted up in your neighborhood.

The most challenging part of having fun at night is coming up with ideas about what to do. What do you think of these activities you can do at night while still being social? Does this give you more clarity when spitballing ideas at the local friend gathering?

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