Re-elect Karen Perez for School Board District 6

reelect karen perez for school board district 6

WE NEED KAREN PEREZ As your Hillsborough County School Board member, Karen Perez is a calm and rational voice on the issues confronting our district. She holds the administration accountable for its mistakes and works diligently to ensure our limited resources make it to the classroom. She has fought uphill battles to make sure the first cuts due to budget shortfalls were at the administration level and not among our teachers and support staff. Karen’s fight against waste, such as overpriced software and bloating of the top executive payroll, is well…

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Exercise for Diabetics

diabetes and exercise

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes The two most common forms of diabetes are referred to as Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes, also known as adolescent diabetes, differs from Type 2 in that the body stops producing insulin altogether. Type 2 diabetes is generally diagnosed in older adults and occurs as the body stops producing enough insulin or the individual becomes resistant to their own insulin. With either form of diabetes, we lose our ability to adequately utilize sugar. Blood sugar levels increase due to the body’s…

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Why Should You Install An Energy Management?

energy management

The cost of business energy is on the rise. Business owners are looking for solutions to make their facilities energy efficient while promoting a green environment. One of the best ways to achieve these results is by having an effective energy management system. An energy management system makes monitoring, managing, and tracking your energy use easy. Here are the benefits of having this system in your business. Operational Costs An EMS is used to monitor and optimize energy usage in your company. It lets you understand charges. It can be…

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