50 Years of Young Lords: De Paul University & Young Lords

Contact: Joanna Klonsky -312-307-0840
Jose (Cha-Cha) Jimenez -231-571-0502

De Paul – CLR@Depaul.edu

Purpose: To Commemorate and Further Young Lords Movement
Friday, September 21, 2018 – 6 PM to 9PM

Dialogue Former Political Prisoner, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Founder and President of the Young Lords, Jose (Cha-Cha) Jimenez at Arena / 2323 N. Sheffield Avenue

Saturday, September 22nd – 8:30 AM to 9 PM

Conference & Play by Teatro Chicana (Urban Removal)
Latin Jazz – Orquesta Charangueo – 2320 N. Kenmore

11: 00 AM – at the corners of Seminary and Fullerton

Neighborhood Tour for slain UMC Rev. Bruce Johnson and Eugenia Ransier Johnson
Speakers: UMC Superintendent Britany Issacs & Black Panther Chairwoman, Elaine Brown.

Sunday, September 23rd – 9 AM

Play by Ebony Players – FBI CointelPro -2250 N. Sheffield Ave

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