8 Places to Visit in Puerto Rico with Kids

Long are gone the days when you lived alone and could travel wherever you want. Now you have kids, and you should choose travel destinations and plan your trips wisely. For organizing an enjoyable family vacation, you should take into account not only your liking but also the preferences of your spouse and children.

Have you chosen Puerto Rico as your next travel destination? That’s a great place to visit with kids! Here you can find various historic attractions, natural wonders, as well as family entertainment centers.

Are you building your travel itinerary? Here are a few travel ideas for you.

Flamenco Beach

Every family who comes to Puerto Rico wants to spend time on a beautiful beach. Flamenco beach is one of those marvelous beaches with soft white sand and turquoise water that are worth visiting. It’s a great place to swim, take sunbathes, and try out diving.

Flamenco Beach is a flat beach with shallow water. No matter whether your kids are good swimmers or not, they will be able to explore this place.

The beach itself is located at the Culebra Island. You can get there by airplane or by ferry.

San Juan National Historic Site

Do you want your kids to learn more about the history of Puerto Rico? Take them to the San Juan National Historic Site. Show them the island’s famous Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Castillo San Cristóbal, la Puerta de San Juan and the Fort San Juan de la Cruz.

Your kids will be impressed to know that it took 200 years to build this spectacular fortress. They will enjoy listening to the stories about how the fortress successfully defended the island from devastating attacks for decades. You can be sure that a tour to this historic site will encourage your children’s interest in history.

La Bombonera

Do you want to treat your kids with local sweets? Visit La Bombonera, a restaurant with more than 100-years history. Here you can drink delicious café con leche (espresso and hot milk), and your kids can taste the dessert called mallorca. The dessert is made of sweet dough with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Museo Del Nino

Museo Del Nino is a modern children’s museum filled with interactive, hands-on, and passive-learning activities. If your kids like to visit museums and are curious by nature, they will love this place a lot. Here your kids will see a volcano that “erupts”, investigate real jet, and learn more about how planes work.

Are you planning to spend most of your vacation outdoors and do not really want to visit museums? Well, it may happen that weather will ruin your “outdoor plans”, so you will have to entertain your kids indoors. Therefore, we highly suggest you add a visit to Museo Del Nino to your trip itinerary as an “option B”.

El Yunque Rain Forest

Do your kids like hiking? Would they like to explore a rain forest? If so, you should visit a magnificent El Yunque Rain Forest.

This forest is famous for its biodiversity – it’s home to more than 400 amazingly beautiful plant species. And it’s a perfect place to visit with kids in Puerto Rico.

El Yunque Rain Forest has more than a dozen maintained trails where your children can walk safely. Also, there are picnic pavilions where your family can enjoy a tasty lunch while admiring the beauty of the tropical landscape.

Cayo Santiago

Cayo Santiago is a small island that is entirely inhabited and controlled by over 2000 macaques. It’s a must-see for travelers with kids. You can visit this place by ordering a kayaking tour or cruise.

To make it clear, you will not be allowed to step on the island and interact with monkeys. But you and your kids will be able to watch wild animals in their natural habitat from a close distance.

This unique travel experience will inspire your children and boost their creativity. Probably, they will want to become scientists to save animals from extinction. Or, maybe they will want to become storytellers and work for the best writing companies.

Parque de Bombas

Parque de Bombas is an old fire station that has become one of the island’s most photographed landmarks. The chances you have seen this place on your friends’ photos, in travel magazines, and travel booking websites.

You can bring your kids here to take beautiful pictures that later will remind you about your family vacation in Puerto Rico. Parque de Bombas is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on business days, and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends.

Coqui Water Park

Would you like to spend a day in a water park during your stay in Puerto Rico? Visit Coqui Water Park that is located along the banks of the Caribbean and overlooking the Atlantic.

This park has many things to offer for families: rapids, waterfalls, a jungle rope bridge, a 40-foot vertical drop, and even a 26-foot serpentine flume body slide. Whether you travel with toddlers or teenagers, you can have a great family time here. The only catch is that this park is open only to guests of the El Conquistador Resort & Golden Door Spa.

Wrapping up

Puerto Rico is beautiful, authentic, and rich for attractions and activities. So whatever places you decide to visit in Puerto Rico, your family will get positive emotions and create sweet memories.

Show this article to your spouse, discuss various activities with your children, and you will build a perfect trip itinerary.

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