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Boricua is a Puerto Rican word derived from the Taino Indian word “Boriken” the name they gave the Island they lived on, Puerto Rico. Boricua is a word that evokes emotion about a home land and a culture that many world wide, expatriated Puerto Ricans miss about their island home and themselves.

Boricua.com, founded in 1996, is a small company run by 2 people, Elizabeth “Latin Liz” Saldaña Kobel and her husband, John Kobel. Liz is la Boricua, John is the technical back end, the “Dot Com”. The combination of Liz’s cultural back ground and John’s tendency to be a geek worked together to build what today is Boricua.com. The other very big contributing factor of Boricua.com is our audience. We get constant emails and requests for more information about Puerto Rican Cultural organizations in the communities throughout the United States, where is the best Puerto Rican restaurant in Texas, what is the best place to stay in Puerto Rico and endless requests for photos. Together, we continue to grow Boricua.com and look forward to many more years serving the Puerto Rican community throughout the US and en La Isla.

Over the past 20 years, Liz and John have blogged about Parades, Events, Festivals, Restaurants, Hotels and Community organizations that keep the Puerto Rican culture alive and well. We have countless photos from the Puerto Rican parades in New York and Florida and help to promote Cultural organizations and events.

Our Audience (source: Google Analytics 2020)

  • Unique Visitors per Month:  8,500
  • Pageviews: 20,000
  • Ages: 25-34 23%, 35-44 26%
  • Females: 65%
  • US Traffic: 59%
  • Puerto Rico: 28%

Our Social Media Universe – combined total followers is over 11,000 and growing

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