Amazing Places to Dive in Puerto Rico

Diving in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico boasts one of the richest and most beautiful marine environments on the planet. Diving beneath the waves to explore the mind-blowing underwater world just off the coast of this charming island is one of the best experiences you can have on a Puerto Rican vacation and will thrill veteran and newbie divers alike.

From amazing dive sites off the beaches of the main island to lesser known spots around smaller islets like Culebra and Vieques, not to mention gorgeous reefs and caves accessible by boat, Puerto Rico is a scuba diving paradise. So if you are on a Puerto Rico cruise and want to discover a different side of the island, strap on your mask, BCD, and fins and discover these amazing places to dive in Puerto Rico!


Boasting over 20 dive sites, Humacao is one of the richest areas for underwater explorers in Puerto Rico. It offers remarkable visibility (up to 100 feet at times!), and a beautiful reef that welcomes schools of dolphins from March to May. More experienced, appropriately certified divers may want to take on the Red Hog, a site with a steep drop-off from around 70 feet to 1,000 feet, which is quite a thrilling experience!

Mona Island

Getting to Mona Island is a challenge – it’s around 50 miles from the main island by boat – but it is well worth the trip. Situated right on the dividing line between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, this tiny speck of rock is remoteness personified and offers some unrivaled diving experiences. Thanks to its out-of-the-way location it is only rarely visited, which means the sea life is abundant, and it is particularly rich in mega-fauna like sharks and whales.


The island of Culebra to the east of Puerto Rico is another excellent choice for divers looking for a bit of adventure. It offers an array of excellent dive sites like Cayo Lobo, Cayo Ballena, and Larga Beach. The semi-circular reef at Cayo Raton is one of the most beautiful, with a truly astonishing amount of marine life, from queen angelfish and butterflyfish to parrotfish and massive schools of jacks. This is another spot where the visibility can reach up to 100 feet, and is a delight for intermediate and advanced divers.


Puerto Rico’s other main sister island, Vieques is equally blessed with excellent diving opportunities. It is a popular spot with honeymooners, thanks to its surprisingly excellent dining and cultural scene, and the underwater experience is quite something as well. Warm water, excellent visibility, and some beautiful, accessible reefs make it a favorite for less-experienced divers, who love the chance to explore spots such as Blue Tang Reef, Isla Chiva, and Lobster Reef.


Fajardo is a massive snorkeling destination, and the diving options are just as good. Vibrant reefs, dark caverns, and several small coral walls (as well as the larger and more dramatic Palomino Wall) make Fajardo a dream diving spot, and the chance to swim with Hawksbill turtles and eagle rays adds the finishing touch to this great location.

Las Cuevas, Desecheo

If you love a swim-through, then Las Cuevas in Desecheo is the place for you! An astonishing underwater adventure playground of deep ravines, spectacular arches, and magnificent yet easily accessible caverns awaits just below the waves, and with a maximum depth of 100 feet, it’s a great way for beginners to get their first taste of cavern diving. Keep your eyes peeled for the unique rock formation that looks just like Darth Vader, the Star Wars villain!

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