Puerto Rico
Nickname: “La Villa del Capitán Correa”, “Muy Leal”, “Ciudad del Cetí”, “Diamante del Norte”, “Los Capitanes”
Gentilic: “Arecibeños”



Arecibo (ah-re-SEE-boh), settled in 1556, is a municipality in the northern midwest coast of Puerto Rico and located by the Atlantic Ocean, north of Utuado and Ciales; east of Hatillo; and west of Barceloneta, and Florida. Arecibo is spread over 18 wards and Arecibo Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city). Arecibo is located on the north coast of the island of Puerto Rico, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) west of San Juan, or approximately a 1-hour trip by car.

The flag of Arecibo derives its composition and colors from the Shield of the City. It is divided vertically in two qual parts. The left side is blue having a belt that stands for “Captain Correa”, a local military hero from Spanish times. The other part is yellow with fifteen blue rhombis with the vertices touching each other and placed in three horizontal rows of five each and five vertical columns of three each.
 Coat of Arms
The shield is divided by diagonal lines in golden and blue rhombis with a blue stripe in the superior part, in which resides an opened five-point crown and which is adorned with drawings characterizing the art of the Taínos. This combination of symbols represents the Indian Cacique (Chieftain) from whom the population’s name derives, the governor that erected the town and the hero Captain Correa who defended it.
 Festivals and events
Bicycle Competitions – January
Arecibo Carnival – February
Playero Festival – July
Folklore Festival – July
Craftsman Fair – September
Ceti Festival – November
Puerto Rico’s Flag Centenial – December
Patron Festivities San Felipe Apóstol – May

Hon. Lemuel Soto
Town Colors: Yellow and BluePatron Saint: San Felipe Apostol



Arecibo LighthouseArecibo Lighthouse:
This was the last lighthouse built by the Spanish government in 1898. The style of construction is neo-classical with a rectangular shape of 40’4″ (12.30 mts) wide by 84’2″ (25.64 mts) long, and has attached a hexagonal tower covered by a bronze dome with a working lantern. The original lens was a third order Fresnel, with an 18 mile radius. At the present time it has a 190mm lens with a white flash every 5 seconds
Arecibo Observatory and Radio TelescopeThe Arecibo Observatory and Radio Telecopse:
The Arecibo Observatory is part of the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC), a national research center operated by Cornell University under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation (NSF).
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