Can Astrology Reveal the Truth About Compatibility Between You and Your Partner?

Do you fancy referring to yourself and your partner as star crossed lovers? Did you know that knowing your zodiac compatibility is like skimming the surface of astrological compatibility? Sun signs or zodiac signs are merely a superficial sampling of a complex system based on the position of numerous stars in the universe. It is a complicated discipline that needs a deeper understanding and years of experience to know if two people are astrologically compatible. It needs astrology reading by experts and experienced astrologists.

To understand how it works, we wanted to speak to astrologers and psychic experts. Many websites offer free psychic readings chat. We found that Kasamba reviews are pretty good, so we decided to chat with a couple of Kasamba psychics and astrologers. Here is what we learned.

According to the online psychic from Kasamba, every planetary object influences our lives in many ways. These influences have been observed since the beginning of civilization. People in ancient times linked women’s menstrual cycle with the moon. The zodiac signs are not a reference to the sun but various constellations and their effect on our nature and characteristics. So the zodiac signs must be able to tell us our love life compatibility as well? Well, they can, but there is a catch. The sun sign alone cannot determine the compatibility between two people. One has to draw the complete natal charts to understand it. That includes the position of the sun, moon, and several other planetary objects at the time of a person’s birth relative to the place where they were born. We realized that the system is complex beyond our perception and would take years to understand. So we asked them to share their notes on compatibility in layman’s terms. Five aspects need to get considered, which are:

  • The elements
  • Sun sign
  • Moon sign
  • Ascendant or the rising sign
  • Lunar nodes

The Elements

We know that the signs get divided into their respective elements, such as fire, water, earth, and air. Usually, there is a general compatibility between the complementary signs. But the other aspects can have individual effects too that might influence the compatibility of the elements.

Sun Signs

Although the sun signs get divided by elements, each sign also has effects on the nature of people. That is why some signs are now compatible with others. The compatibility of two sun signs can affect the initial affinity or attraction between two people. Sun signs also define the amount of passion they might have between each other.

Moon Signs

Moon signs define the position of the moon during the time of your birth. The full moon has a stronger influence than the other phases on one’s instincts and inner desires. That is why the moon sign plays an essential role in determining the compatibility of a long term or committed relationship. Moon signs also define the emotional comfort and support two people can get from each other.

Rising Sign or Ascendant

The Ascendant refers to the sign rising in the east during the time of birth. The sign affects a person’s first impression. It can also refer to the mask people put on when they meet someone for the first time, or how they express themselves in a new situation. As you might have guessed, the rising sign also defines the initial interaction between two people. But their accuracy should be counter checked with the compatibility factors of the other signs. Since the Ascendant can also be an indication of the mask a person puts on during the initial stages, it is not a very good indicator of long term compatibility. That is why many psychics and astrologers consider the signs to represent the opposite side of marriage compatibility. In common English, it means that for marriage, opposing Ascendant signs attract each other.

Lunar Nodes

Lunar nodes are not astrological signs, but the astronomical points at which the moon’s orbit crosses the sun’s orbit at the time of your birth. These points are considered relative to the position of the sun and the moon during your birth. According to astrological calculations, the southern node depicts what traits and lineage you process, while the northern nodes depict your aspirations and desires in life. According to astrologers, the nodes also represent similar things for relationship compatibility. The southern nodes would depict the common traits you share, whereas the northern nodes would depict what you need to attain as a couple. If the nodes fall in the same houses, it means that you share similar characteristics to start with and will end up in similar places in your relationship with each other.

So as you can see, before you declare your astrological compatibility, you should check more than your sun signs. Otherwise, it will be similar to announcing that you have excelled in your term papers after looking at your English grades alone. You need to look at your result in each subject before you declare that you have succeeded.

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