Cherish Life Like Never Before in An Off-Grid Sanctuary

Time is changing, and the fast-paced city life is taxing your mental and physical health. And this is when you might feel like taking some time off and travelling to a place utterly opposite to the life that suburbs offer. Going to places without many facilities or people where you can be with yourself can be soothing. Moreover, you will only be with your thoughts and your family. Off-grid sanctuaries like Azhen Sanctuary, founded by Jaymie Friesen, are one such place that can help you in refreshing yourself.

Furthermore, off-grid sanctuaries also help you detox yourself of junk foods that you regularly consume, provide you with fresh pollution-free air to breathe and keep your eyes away from various screens. But, unfortunately, the cities’ expenses keep rising, so ensuring that you save enough money to enjoy such spots can be critical.

Today most people have many bills to pay, loans, and mortgages, and they run an active household. Thus, people need help to adjust their travelling expenses. In these cases, people can opt for sanctuaries that do not leave a hole in their pocket, like the one offered by Jaymie Friesen.

An ideal sanctuary has over 100 acres of land and allows you to grow your food. Moreover, it should also have a space for people to learn and experience things that truly matter. If you are looking for ideas to help you choose the best off-grid community, below are some things to consider.

Visit for an In-Person Workshop

While most of these off-grid sanctuaries have websites and social media pages that showcase their activities, it is always advisable to experience it first yourself. To ensure that everything is true, you should approach the place that allows you an in-person workshop.

These workshops will allow you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of living off-grid, and you can decide based on your requirement. Going to an off-grid sanctuary should be a well-thought decision rather than a hasty one. Thus, it would be best if you were taking it more diligently rather than making your decision after a few clicks.

Research for Details

Another critical factor that can help you choose the proper sanctuary is researching as much as possible. You will find a lot of details about the place on the internet. So, it is always advisable to learn as much as possible. Before taking action, finding details about the land you want to visit is vital.

Off-grid living requires you to work hard and live in a cabin. Moreover, many sanctuaries support community gathering that helps like-minded people to connect. You will come across people from all over the world and can use the place to grow and connect. The process will also help you understand people’s journeys in setups like Azhen Sanctuary.

Right Combination of Facilities

Off-gridding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shy away from technology completely. Instead, it means combining modern technology with ancient aspects of life to enhance your life. Combining modern tech with traditional living lets you get the best of both worlds.

You can get basic technology facilities like batteries, lights, and good water sources. These places are a perfect balance of multiple elements enabling sustainable life.

Final Thoughts

When you visit such off-grid places, you will come across different people from different backgrounds and cultures. And talking to such people will help you explore a new world. The world will be self-sufficient and will let you cherish the nature around you. A place like this allows you to value and cherish clean water, fresh air, and nature. It not only helps you in healing but also in finding yourself.

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