Cleveland Puerto Rican Parade and Cultural Festival

cleveland puerto rican parade

A parade celebration of Puerto Rican arts and culture has been observed by Cleveland’s Puerto Ricans each summer since the late 60s. Its purpose has been to bring together the city’s residents and to educate the community about the rich Puerto Rican culture.
The Puerto Rican Parade of Greater Cleveland carries a strong history of cultural awareness, pride, and education, led by a resilient community who’s love for their homeland, spirit of freedom, justice, and unity have never wavered.  After over 50 years, when the Parade’s founders first celebrated their Puerto Rican heritage in the City of Cleveland, we proudly continue this legacy and welcome all groups interested in participating in the Annual celebration to form contingents of walkers , floats, or vehicles and submit a participant application form so that all can share in the celebration of our culture and heritage.  This is an opportunity for organizations and groups to act in solidarity and in showing of a unified body while celebrating our community’s achievements and contributions to the Greater Cleveland area.

We are looking forward to your participation in the Annual Puerto Rican Parade of Greater Cleveland.

2022 Parade Route Map & Registration Information

The 52nd Annual Puerto Rican Parade of Greater Cleveland will kick off at 11am at the corner of Fulton Rd. and Trowbridge Ave and proceed northbound on Fulton Rd. (approximately 1.27km) making its way to Seymour Ave where vehicular traffic will be directed to disperse northbound on Fulton Road.

ONLY pedestrians will turn left onto Seymour Ave and proceed to Roberto Clemente Park where festival activities will be underway. Contingent staging will begin at 9am on designated streets under the direction of a Parade Coordinator who will forward specific staging instructions.

We welcome sponsors to become part of this iconic event and expand their business’s brand awareness within our community.

Thousands of people attend the one mile-long community building caravan each year and the marketing reaches tens of thousands in the months before the event. Combined with the two-day festival full of entertainment and cultural activities, this iconic event provides an ideal backdrop for any brand to generate affinity and trust within the greater Cleveland community.

The Hispanic Police Officers’ Association (HPOA), a 501c3 non-profit organization and the annual Parade Committee, made up of community volunteers, depend on the support of sponsors and donations to ensure this historic celebration continues to thrive and enrich the greater Cleveland community.

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