“Cocobana” & “La Joya”: Puerto Rico’s best murals and street art

calle fortaleza old san juan puerto ricoPuerto Rico is a Latin American country that has plenty to offer visitors and citizens, as it has a number of appealing scenic locations as well as featuring some of the world’s most incredible natural beauty.

However, it could be argued that there is nothing better than the street art scene and the murals that have since popped up all across the island in various places. Of course, there is no doubt that the art scene within Puerto Rico has managed to grow in the way that it has because of the continued increase in art festivals, with iconic festivals such as “Santurce es Ley” and “Murales para Pensar” being incredibly popular.

The street art that is available to experience can easily be found when exploring the streets of Puerto Rico, with a number of local artists having created a number of pieces that have been created through the experiences that the island provides them with. There are a host of brilliant pieces that can be found when searching the country, with some of the best highlighted below!

“Cocobana” by Lucindo Fidalgo

Graffiti art is something that many will have different opinions on, however there is no doubt that it is an art form that can be extremely appealing to the eyes.

Lucindo Fidalgo is a street artist that likes to combine spray paint, pop culture references and walls that are considered boring to create a piece of art that is unique and is considered to be rather appealing; perhaps a little like Alec Monopoly art as he combines pop culture within each of his pieces.

Fidalgo’s “Copacabana” can be found at Calle Loiza, with the piece showcasing a huge amount of bright colours that have been splashed across a restaurant’s walls that help to provide visitors with a sense of the tropical vibes that Puerto Rico has to offer.

“La Joya” by Bik Ismo

Bik Ismo is an artist that has been famed around the world for his use of shining metallics, which has helped him to become recognised around the world as one of the top 25 muralists. His “La Joya” piece that was created in collaboration with Spanish artist Belin, is a prime example of his stellar work.

The artwork can be found at El Boricua in Rio Piedras and features a Cubist-inspired portrait of a woman who is holding a chrome-plated skull.

“Sangre y Resistencia” by Vecino Cintron

An eye-catching mural that has been created with expressive reds, blacks and yellows can be found at Paseo Amor in Ponce. Known as “Sangre y Resistencia”, which translates in English to “Blood and Resistance”, is a creation that has been made by Javi “Vecino” Cintron.

The mural has been dedicated to “Los heroes del 25 de Enero”, a group of firefighters who were jailed for disobeying orders after fighting one of the most historic fires that had happened in the town.

Cintron continues to heavily focus his art on recreating moments from history, whilst incorporating his own unique art style with each mural that he creates.

“Renacer” by Dama Lola

Known as Dama Lola, Damaris Cruz is known for having a number of murals that are located all around the town of Dorado. She decides to create each of her pieces with the use of a number of mixed art forms, with photography, painting and decoupage being utilised.

Lola’s artwork makes use of abandoned old houses to help recreate a number of picturesque moments that Puerto Rico’s rural life has to offer, whilst she also hosts workshops that students can participate in if they wish to learn more about muralism and get involved with it in the future.

“Sembrado de Esperanzas” by Bob Snow

Roberto Hernandez, who is better known as Bob Snow, uses elements of everyday life and a side of cynicism when creating his artwork; each of which come with bright, eye-catching colours and sharp details, thus making his murals capture the attention of those that see them whilst also being provocative.

His “Sembrado de Esperanzas” piece, translated in English as “Seeded in hope”, is a mural that features a boy taping a tree back together as Snow looks to send a message about the importance of the environment.

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