Cosmolle: the best place to buy activewear online

There are plenty of places around the internet or around the country where you can buy activewear, but the number of possibilities that you can find online is way bigger with plenty of brands that offer their best activewear pieces. You can find very well-known sports brands that have good ranges of activewear and there are also independent brands with also amazing pieces that sometimes can be even better and so worth it.

One of these independent brands is Cosmolle. They might have started with really comfortable wireless and seamless bras and underwear but now they are not just an underwear brand. They also have lovely activewear and yoga sets.  And there are some important things that matter to them.

airwear sports bra and bike shorts set

Starting, people do matter. They celebrate different body types, shapes, colors, lifestyles, ages, and of course, sizes. Of course, you also matter. For them, the fact that you want to prioritize self-care is a great first step to giving the world your best version.

As they started focusing on comfortable bras, you can definitively find the best bras there. But their mission is to redefine self-care with underwear that you’ll be loving back as much as they love that you wear them. For them, your comfort will come first, and they want you to have self-care as a daily ritual.

airwear long sleeve high waist legging set

For this reason, they have designed underwear and bras, and also activewear sets, that will become your daily ritual of self-care, and they have even added skincare ingredients to them.

Their products have been 3D printed, something that will make them keep their shape. They have been made with love for women by women. This is something very important because let’s face it, only women know what women truly want and need.

airwear sports bra and bike shorts set blue

As it’s been mentioned before, their products are wire-free, meaning less sewing, and have been made with fewer materials… and they are pain-free. The bra cups are breathable and have collagen-infused fibers.  They have been made with love for women by women.

Thanks to their advanced technology in fabrics and unique designs, you will be getting a never-experienced comfort. Thanks to them, you won’t have to compromise on your comfort to feel good and look good. They don’t only have one type of bra, so they’ll be your perfect companion during your life, in every adventure, and also in every journey and of course every style, you want to wear.

airwear long sleeve high waist legging set blue

When it comes to activewear, they have two options that come in 3 lovely colors. One is a long sleeve & high waist legging set and the other one is a sports bra and shorts set. The colors they both come in are black, blue, and brown, and sizes from S to 3XL. This set has a performance fabric that feels soft as butter and also has a very unique texture.

The fabric it is made of, is stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking and it will keep you not only comfortable but also dry while you’re working out, so you can enjoy your exercise. It is eco-comfy and has recycled nylon that will feel like a second skin to you. It has a V-neck and a racer-back fit that is very versatile.

airwear sports bra and bike shorts set tan

It provides great support to the chest area and also enhances the shockproof effect. The fabric has a sculpting performance that also provides a built-in lift to your booty. Can be used either for studio or yoga, at the gym, on the move, or even for lounging or working from home, if the day is too hot.

The fabric dries very quickly and is permeable while providing comfort all day. It is also very lightweight despite having a high density and is for sure 40% lighter than other fabrics in the market. You’ll be getting products with the highest of qualities that also are great for you and for the planet.


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