Countries Every Surfer Needs to Visit

Surfing is one of the best pastimes to adopt if you live near a beach. While your local beach may be great for learning, once you are confident in your skills, it can be a fun experience to travel and visit some of the best beaches around the world to test your skills and make new friends. You may even find your new favorite vacation spot while exploring these beaches.

South Africa

While South Africa may not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to surfing, it has some of the best beaches in the world. The long coastline and proximity to the low water temperatures of Antarctica create swells that are ideal for great surfing

The water is very cold, so make sure you are prepared with a quality wetsuit to keep from freezing, but the consistency of the waves and the long surfing season make up for the cold. Jeffrey’s Bay, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth are all some of the top spots to visit.


The Pacific coastline of Mexico is prime surfing real estate. Its proximity to California makes it a popular destination, but if you head further south, you will find beaches that are just as solid for surfing, but without the popular resort crowds. If you prefer a more luxurious experience, you can also find resorts that are perfect for your surfing trip. 

Punta de Mita resort in Mexico has many great places to surf. Mexico is a great place for your first surfing trip. It has more challenging spots if you want to stretch your skills, but plenty of the beaches offer beginner-level areas so you can get your feet under you in a new area.


Australia is well-known for its surfing. Just like South Africa and Mexico, it has a large amount of coastline, and the temperate waters make for regular swells that make up a good surfing beach. Bondi Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in the world, but it is also very crowded because of that. There are endless beaches, so choose where you want to go based on the experience you want to have while not in the ocean, not because of the waves. Additionally, because of the different weather patterns around the continent, no matter when you visit, you are bound to be able to find an area with beaches that have solid waves. Just make sure you pay attention to the weather and wave reports. If the local reports say it isn’t safe to surf, don’t go out. It can be incredibly dangerous.

Surfing can take you all around the world and give you the opportunity for amazing experiences. As you continue to develop your skills, make sure you make time to get to know the other surfers around you. While surfing may seem like a more solitary sport, there is an amazing community out there that you really should become a part of.


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