Dos Santos – a novel by Fernando de Arago

Dos Santos - a novel by Fernando de AragonDos Santos is a captivating story set in the earliest days of the Spanish conquest of the Caribbean island that would eventually be called Puerto Rico. The story follows one man who sets out to find a place for himself and fulfill his dreams in the ‘new world’. Taking risks to change his destiny he found the life he sought, and the love he didn’t know he needed, in an unexpected place….among the Taínos. His new life exposed the  differences between Taínos and Spaniards and challenged his beliefs and loyalties.

With a carefully researched historical backdrop, the story of Dos Santos will give the reader a rare glimpse into the life of the lost Taíno culture, while retracing a fascinating chapter in the early Spanish conquest of the new world.

About the Author – Fernando de Aragon

Fernando de Aragón was born in Ponce, PR and live there through age 13. He spent his high school years in Isla Verde, in the San Juan metro area. His family moved to New Jersey in the summer of 1975 and he has lived stateside ever since. De Aragón has a bachelor and masters degree from Rutgers University and a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been working in the field of transportation planning for over 20 years, and is currently director of a regional transportation planning agency in Ithaca, NY.

De Aragón’s interest in Puerto Rican, and particularly Taíno history, dates back to his youth. He remembers vividly his excitement when his father found a Taíno ax head in their front yard in Ponce. He keeps the stone artifact to serve as inspiration. The Dos Santos novel is an expression of this longtime interest and incorporates years of research in the topic.

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