Essentials for a Safe Bio Bay Kayak Tour

Essentials for a Safe Bio Bay Kayak Tour

A Bio Bay Kayak tour is special in many ways! One of them is to witness the effect portrayed by microorganisms as a result to energy sources directed to the molecules present in the hydro system. And, this biochemical process happens to be so efficient that it does not emit any heat! The bioluminescent bay truly offers some very unique surprises worth cherishing!

Bio Bay Kayak TourNeedless to mention, you would need the assistance of a Bio Bay Kayak tour provider to plan this. There are quite a few options available for you to choose from. Listed below are some of the essentials required for safe, comfortable and enjoyable tour. Once you are well versed with these, tour operators that provide them can be chosen confidently. Reputation and experience are the other two most important criteria to be considered while selection.

Bio Bay Kayak Tours: What Tour Operators Should Offer

Some essential assistances and services you can expect from a Bio Bay Kayak tour operator would include:

  • To begin with, proper Kayaks that are in the best of shape must be offered to you. Ideally ones with double seating capacity. They must provide you with safety helmets, backrests, paddles along with leashes and life jackets too, so that you remain fully equipped to manage unplanned situations. They must also provide you with lights and refreshments.
  • Depending on the size of your team, you need to be accompanied by an adequate number of guides.
  • A responsible licensed tour operator should let you know in advance, each outfitter is allotted a specific guest capacity. The same would be the case for your Bio Bay Kayak tour operator as well! He should be advising you to plan your trip during weekdays if possible in order to prevent too many people on visiting at the same time. Weekends could often prove to be more crowded than you probably might have anticipated.
  • Commentary should be provided on the bioluminescence phenomena, the aquatic marine species found here, and also on the different types of flora and fauna. The guides should also be well equipped to provide you with enough information on the ecosystems found here. Some would also be providing knowledge on the history of the lighthouse present!
  • This nighttime kayak tour isn’t open for all. Ideally:
  1. Bioluminescent Bay Fajardo Puerto Rico 1
    Bioluminescent Bay Fajardo Puerto Rico 1 (Photo credit: david_shankbone)

    Children below six years of age or children between the ages of six to seventeen without adult supervision should not be allowed.

  2. Pregnant women who are beyond six months in the pregnancy are not ideal candidates for this type of activity.
  3. Those suffering from any kind of cardiac condition and are likely to have a problem sitting straight for an extended period of time aren’t allowed.
  4. Those with hydrophobia or suffering from fear of the dark must also steer clear.

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