There is no joy like that which a new baby brings to a family. The unique personality and bubbliness of every baby is truly contagious and lights up the lives of everyone around them.

With all of this joy, however, come some real considerations that need to be made when it comes to the safety of the baby, particularly in your home. To help all the expectant parents create a safe environment for their new baby, here are our expert tips for babyproofing your home.

1. Install a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are such a useful piece of kit as they enable parents to look after their children without being there in the room. Whilst baby monitors in the past were just based around a microphone and a speaker, modern smart baby monitors have an array of features to help reassure parents. From built-in cameras that give you a panoramic view of the whole of your baby’s bedroom, to sound and motion-activated technology, there has never been a better time to watch over your baby whilst they are asleep or playing in a different part of your house. 

2. Cover Electrical Sockets

When babies start crawling and walking it is a wonderful time for them to explore and develop physically. Whilst this is vital for their overall progression, it also increases their potential for getting in danger. Electrical sockets pose a huge risk for babies as they love to put their fingers in any little holes or gaps they come across. Make sure to cover or plug up any electrical sockets using special baby-proof covers to protect your child from electric shocks. In doing so, you wouldn’t worry anymore if your baby gets too close to an electric socket.

3. Pad Sharp Corners

Babies are incredibly resilient and can take a lot of bumps and bruises, but the sharp corner of a table or other piece of furniture can be very dangerous. The corners of furniture are often at the perfect height for cutting a child’s head or even taking out their eye so it is vital that you pad all the sharp corners of your furniture. Specialized foam and soft rubber pads are widely available and it only costs a few dollars to babyproof all the sharp corners in a home.

4. Remove any Loose Objects or Ornaments

As babies learn to walk and stand, they will often use furniture to pull themselves up onto their feet. If there are any loose objects or ornaments on a bookcase or table, the child can easily pull them down on top of them. Make sure to remove any loose things which could potentially fall on your baby, and also ensure that your furniture is heavy enough that it won’t tip over.

Babies are wonderful, curious little people but their natural curiosity and energy can put them in a lot of danger. Sharp corners, falling objects, and little fingers in electrical sockets are all real dangers that all parents need to be aware of. When preparing your home for your new baby, make sure that you identify all of these hazards and address them effectively. Follow this guide and your home will be the perfect environment to raise your baby in safety.