Exploration and Nature in Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico enjoys one of the most unique and diversified tropical climates and some of the most diverse terrain in the world. The island is a study in contrasts, with lush jungles and streams vying with tropical dry forests and towering mountains. For the nature enthusiast, there are myriad ways to enjoy your stay in the island. Whether you want astonishing hiking, unique wildlife, caving, canoeing and kayaking or something else entirely, you’ll find it here.

Hiking – No matter what kind of hiking you enjoy, you’ll find it in Puerto Rico. The El Yunque and Gunica Dry Forest offers you stunning topical vegetation in a diverse profusion. Marked hiking trails and roads lead throughout the forests, while numerous species of birds and other wildlife call the areas home. El Yunque offers lush vegetation, sparkling streams and rivers and thundering waterfalls, while the Gunica Dry Forest offers arid conditions and colorful desert-like atmosphere, as well as stunning beaches in its 10,000 acres.

Caving – The soft limestone that makes up much of Puerto Rico is the ideal place for cave formation and the island does not disappoint. Angels Cave and Camudy Cavern are two of the best-known locations for spelunking, while you can find numerous smaller caves, which are less well known. Narrow canyons lead to underground streams, deep caverns and sparkling sinkholes filled with crystalline waters. The cave systems are home to an entire range of specialized wildlife that makes for an incredible adventure.

Canoeing – Possibly the best way to enjoy the island is by canoeing and kayaking. The abundant rivers of the north side of the island offer you diverse enjoyment, in the form of fishing, bird watching and jungle exploration. If river canoeing and kayaking is not to your tastes, consider ocean kayaking, which allows you to take an incredible look at the wind and wave carved rocks, towering bluffs, hidden coves and the beaches of the island. Enjoy the crystalline waters, the incredible natural beauty and get up close and personal with the wildlife.

Nature Watching – Puerto Rico enjoys some of the most diverse wildlife in the Caribbean. Enjoy some of the best bird watching in the world, or head out for whale watching. The bioluminescent bay is an incredible sight, filled with exotic natural wonder. Whether you want inland exploration or desire to enjoy the beauty of the local marine life, Puerto Rico offers a vibrant array of wildlife.

The islands of Puerto Rico are rich in diverse plant and animal life. The main island is home to verdant jungles, rugged mountains and arid dry forest, as well as pristine beaches, caves and incredible coastline. Adventuring through the island is one of the best ways to experience the wonder and beauty of nature, as well as getting to know the islanders and the area’s rich history. There are numerous options for adventure travel, from guided hiking tours to ocean kayaking, spelunking, diving and more. Here are some of the best adventure options you will find in the area.

Karst Formations – Located in the northern hills of the main island, karst formations are rugged, surreal limestone formations eroded over time by wind and water. You will find sinkholes, incredible caves and caverns, underground streams and much more. Hiking is the best way to get to know the area, though an experienced guide can be more than handy. However, solo, team and even family hikes in the area can be incredible. Rio Camuy Cave Park is located in this area, offering you incredible adventure and enjoyment.

English: Endemic vegetation in the Caribbean N...
Endemic vegetation in the Caribbean National Rain Forest of El Yunque,  Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forests – The lush forests of the northern portion of the island are home to incredible plants and animals. Stepping into the forests will take you into a primeval world of towering ferns and palms. Cascading streams, thundering waterfalls and rugged terrain vie for your attention, while overhead, birds call and animals chatter. A hiking adventure through the jungles can be very rewarding and an incredible experience. Carite, Bosque Del Pueblo, Guilarte and Toro Negro are some of the best forests for your exploration and adventure fun. El Yunque is the federally administered forest and the most heavily traveled, as well.

Kayaking and Coastal Exploration – The coastal mangrove forests, as well as cliffs, sea caves and hidden inlets constitute a little-explored world for the adventurous traveler. Incredible numbers of sea birds, whales, sail fish, crabs and sharks can be found around the coast, offering you a wide array of exploratory options. The mangrove forests are an exotic area; the hatchery of the island. You will find numerous species of birds and fish here, as well as young sharks and much more. Bioluminescent lagoons can be found all around the island, as well as on Vieques; a moonless night shows you the true, stunning beauty of these natural areas and allows you greater adventure.

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