Facts You Need to Know Before Getting a Peterbald Cat Breed

Peterbald cat

To some the Peterbald cat is quite an odd-looking creature, but for others it’s the epitome of love and cuddliness. The breed is a result of a pairing between an Oriental Shorthair and a hairless Donskoy, created in 1994. It shouldn’t be confused with the Sphynx feline, though, as it shares similar features.

If you are intrigued by this hairless cat, then read along for some interesting facts about them.

  1. There Are 5 Different Variations of the Breed

The one very distinct feature of the Peterbald cat is its coat. Many might thing that it is always bald and without hair, but this isn’t the fact. Their coats come in 5 different variations:

  • Straight: Normal length whiskers with an extremely short coat
  • Flock: Coat has a sticky feeling similar to the touch of chamois leather, only 10% of its body is covered with hair
  • Brush: A felt-like touch with short tough hair
  • Velour: Only 30% of its body is covered with super short hair
  • Bald: 0% of its body is covered with hair, no eyebrows or whiskers, skin is sticky to the touch

A fun fact about a Peterbald’s coat is that it can change throughout the first few years of its life.

  1. They Have a Higher Metabolism

Because this funky looking breed has almost no fur, they have a much higher metabolism than other furry felines. For this reason, they need to eat a lot more. Even though you’ll spend a few extra dollars on cat food, you’ll safe on medical bills as wounds and scratches heal much faster.

Even though they have a faster metabolism, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of giving your cat the best options when it comes to nutrients and vitamins. It’s important that you put your Peterbald on a well-balanced meal plan in order for them to stay healthy.

You shouldn’t overfeed them either, as this can cause obesity. If you want to avoid your furless friend picking up unnecessary weight, you can incorporate some delicious snacks into their diet. For more nutritional information you can click to see more in-depth information.

Peterbald cat

  1. Extremely Affectionate and Loving

Those who don’t understand or know the characteristics of a Peterbald will think that it’s quite scary and stand-offish. Afterall, the feline kind of looks like a bat or a rat. On the contrary, the Peterbald is a very loving and affectionate cat.

Owners have confessed that this breed absolutely love being cuddled and petted. Even better, they will be waiting at the door on your arrival back from work.

Furthermore, they love to follow their owners around the house and don’t mind being a lurking shadow. These characteristics make them very loyal with an extremely low percentage of chance that they’ll abandon their owners and adopt another family.

  1. Very Active

Normal cat breeds love lounging around and sleeping all day. Not the Peterbald. They are very active and playful cats who enjoy mazes and challenging games. You don’t have to ask a Peterbald twice to show off their puzzle toy skills. They are quite nifty and very clever too.

Learn more about fun ways to play with your feline friend to keep them interested here: https://www.petfinder.com/cats/living-with-your-cat/how-to-play-cat-9-fun-ways/.

  1. They Adore Other Pets

Most cats are solo wanderers, they love their own space and can be quite territorial. Peterbald owners won’t have a problem introducing new members to the pet family.

Their inquisitive and trusting natures allow them to accept other pets almost instantly. After a few sniffs, they’ll accept other pets like puppies and kittens as their best friends and enjoy a lifelong companionship.

The same goes for accepting humans. Peterbalds don’t shy away from strangers and absolutely love children.


  1. They Need to Stay Warm

Because they don’t have a long furry coat to keep them warm, it’s important for owners to keep them nice and cozy. Some owners will knit them funky cat jerseys to provide heat during cold and wintery nights.

Purebred Peterbalds truly are one-of-a-kind pets that provide countless hours of amusement. Their inquisitive and loving nature brings countless hours of joy and delight into a family home.

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