Felix Trinidad – World Boxing Legend from Puerto Rico

Tito Trinidad – Childhood, Professional Boxing, Life After Sports Career

Felix Juan Trinidad was born on January 10, 1973 in Fajardo, a small town in Puerto Rico. Felix Sr., his father, was a professional boxer with the Puerto Rican featherweight champion belt and along with Salvador Sanchez, another famous boxer, was one of the most promising athletes in the country. Having opened his own sports school after completing his career, Trinidad took his son as his student. Having begun to study the art of fighting, the young athlete won the national championship for five years – each time in a new weight category. Included in the national team, Tito – the nickname was given to him by his father himself – was the main contender for participation in the 1992 Olympics. However, having refused the Olympic Games, the young athlete decided to conquer the professional ring.

Boxing Style

A modest and quiet guy in real life, Tito became a real monster in the ring. Any athlete could envy his energy and pressure. Having started each fight carefully, Felix gradually built up momentum, using the left hook, which was his calling card. This unpredictable fighting style makes boxing an even more interesting spectacle and an attractive option for sports betting. Although Tito has already completed his magnificent career, there are many other outstanding boxers whose fights are coming soon.

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Tito’s Great Victories and Crushing Defeats

Tito’s first serious fight and first contract dates from 1991. After knocking out Maurice Blocker in 1993, Trinidad earned the IBF belt. The 1997 junior middleweight bout against Troy Waters brought Tito another major victory. Felix also managed to surpass Oscar De La Hoya, another outstanding boxer of the millennium.

In 2000, Felix was able to defeat Fernando Vargas, but a year later, fighting against Hopkins, the boxer suffered the first defeat of his career. Two subsequent high-profile victories returned Tito to the ranks just for a while – in 2005 he lost to Ronald Winky Wright. This fight was one of the last in Tito’s professional career. 

Now, Tito is a family man, father of 5 daughters, owner of a real estate business. Having become the idol of many, Tito always kept his heart open to his homeland. Undoubtedly, he deservedly earned his place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

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