Fell in Love with a Puerto Rican Girl? Here’s How to Win Her Heart

So you’ve fallen for a Puerto Rican girl? Who among us hasn’t? Latinas, Puerto Ricans especially, are fiery, strong, and incredibly fun. When you add that to their caramel skin, curvy figures, and beautiful, warm eyes, you get the recipe for perfection. Puerto Rican girls are also loyal to a fault, something very rare these days. Their one flaw? They’re very picky. Puerto Rican women know what they want and will not settle for anything less. This may seem discouraging if you struggle to pull women; it may even stop you dead in your tracks. But don’t worry, there are ways to attract your Puerto Rican queen and win her over, and here’s how.

Be Strong. Be Confident.

Women love a strong, confident guy. Yes, it’s cliché, but that’s only because most people misinterpret it. Think of it like this; what is it about the confidence of a stereotypical ‘player’ that attracts women in the first place? It’s not disloyalty. Women, even men, struggle with life’s obstacles and it can often leave them unsure or unsteady. Finding a guy that seems confident and strong — grounded — gives them a sense of security that life can be managed. Us men need this too. It isn’t a matter of gender, necessarily. It’s about knowing you have someone you can lean on when times get tough. And it’s 2020, strength isn’t necessarily physical; just have a backbone. Here’s another cliché, man up. Show her that she can depend on you.

Use Pick-up Artist Techniques

Telling you to be strong and confident is easier said than done. We get it. Heck, sometimes fighting an NFL linebacker may seem easier than being confident around women, especially a strong Latina. This is where pick-up techniques come in. These techniques aren’t tricks or deceptions. They’re tools you can use to give you the confidence to approach a Puerto Rican woman and win her over. If you are into a girl, use this technique to understand the psychological approach that pick-up artists use to attract women. There are many techniques out there that claim to be successful but fall flat, so read reviews on these types of things to make sure you’re getting the right info.

Dress Well

Ever see a poorly dressed Latina? If so, consult either an optician or stylist. Puerto Ricans always do their best to look good. Just like blacks, Hispanics, whites, and, well, everyone. People like to look good. If you look good, you feel good. The difference is every culture has its style. To win over the heart of your Puerto Rican dream, you need to always look presentable. If you’re not the type of guy that cares about fashion, then understand it isn’t about you. Your woman needs to be able to call you her man with pride. She can’t do that if you look sloppy or disheveled. You don’t necessarily need to dress like a Puerto Rican guy; just find your fashion sense, and make sure you always look clean, presentable, and like someone, she would be glad to have by her side. 

Get It Together

How many guys out there go on about how women only care about money? You probably have a number in mind. No, think about how many of the guys that say that are broke or living paycheck to paycheck? See the overlap now? Look, yes, a lot of women want a guy that is well off, but that’s a misleading premise. For every gold digger you find, there’s a girl hung up on a guy with very little in savings. Money is merely a sign that a guy has his life in order. Women, Puerto Rican women, want a guy that isn’t a ‘loser.’ They want a guy that has a plan, some order, some structure in life. You don’t need to be Jeff Bezos, but you can’t be aimless in life. Get it together to get the woman of your dreams. Once you do, you’ll see just how many women will be with and help a guy that is still finding his bearings. 

Be A Man

You’ve heard this one so much it probably means nothing to you. The reason it’s tricky is because people understand it differently. Know when to walk away and when to not settle for less than you deserve. Pick your battles; control your emotions and be dependable. Respect those who’ve earned it and hold on to your principles. These traits may sound gender-neutral, but they’re how women describe a man and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Falling for a Puerto Rican is easy. Winning her heart is the difficult part. But if you act properly, use the right pick-up techniques, and approach her like a man, she will be putty in your hands. Even if she is a strong, independent, fiery Latina.

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