So, you want to learn how to fish? Fishing can definitely seem complicated to someone who is new to the game – what gear should you use, who to consult on the basics, where to start? But, don’t worry, it isn’t, and ultimately doesn’t have to be all that complicated – especially if your only goal is to catch some fish. So, in this article, we are going to explain to you how you can, with just a bit of gear and a fishing license, be able to go out on your first fishing trip and end up catching some fish.

fishing basics

What Gear Do You Need?

This is probably the most confusing part when it comes to just getting into fishing, just for the fact that you can easily get lost in the sea of information. But as a beginner, a spinning reel and rod combo is your best bet since they are easy to set up, and the most intuitive to use. 

When choosing the right rod, it can also help a lot if you reach out and try to find help from experienced professionals. So, when it comes to finding a reliable resource for fishing tips, you can read reviews, do your own research and read articles, or ask an employee at your local store that sells fishing supplies. The more resources that you seek out, the better is your chance to find exactly what you need.

What About Lures and Baits?

When it comes to bait, you can always use live worms. Another good option is PowerBait, which is a scented putty-like material that you can put around a bare hook. When it comes to lures, you don’t really need them in the beginning, since it’s easier with bait. There is one more thing that you need – bobbers. Bobbers are small floating balls that are going to sink or bob when something hits your lure, hence indicating that you have a fish on the hook.

Where Should You Go?

Lakes are probably the best option for a beginner, well, mostly because of how static the water is. Now, where is the best position? When it comes to lakes, fish usually hang out in or around weeds and downed trees close to shore, so you should probably set up a base in a similar place.

how to catch fish

How to Catch the Fish?

Now, it’s time to explain how the actual act of fishing goes, so that you will be fully ready when you venture out.


As we have previously mentioned, casting while using a spinning reel is really simple and intuitive. The right way to do this is to start with about six inches of line out the end of your rod, with the reel below your dominant hand. In order to cast, you’ll need to flip the bail and then cast forward using your wrist and elbow. In the end position, when your rod is vertical, release the line to send your lure flying.


In order to prevent the fish “spitting” out your lure or your line breaking, you need to focus on the following when setting the hook. The key points are timing and the right pressure – so, when you see your bobber sink or jerk, be sure to point your rod tip up and pull back with moderate pressure in order to keep the lure in the fish’s mouth without ripping any part of its lip. Good timing requires practice, so, don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time.

Reeling in

After this comes the time to reel in – and the best tactic when it comes to reeling is to let the fish tire itself out. This way, you don’t need to pull as hard, in the meantime risking the breakage of your line, instead, you’ll have the upper hand and eventually be able to reel the fish in with more ease.

Now that you know the basics, the only thing left is to go and try everything out! The more you fish, the more you will learn, such a wide range of possibilities await – and it’s up to you to enjoy and progress!