Health and beauty go hand-in-hand. Historically the most beautiful features again and again, through cultures around the world, has emulated good health. The specific trends might have changed, sure, but if you work on improving your health, skin, hair, and self naturally with a focus on your health you won’t look like anyone else; you’ll be your best looking self. It’s an empowering state to be in, and it works to improve your wellbeing on multiple fronts.

Feeling and looking good is just a pleasant state to be in, and you can achieve both by following these five health and beauty tips for those at home:

drink plenty of water1.    Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the source of all life, and we aren’t getting enough of it. If you have a hard time staying hydrated invest in some great water flavor options to make drinking water more enjoyable, and if that still doesn’t work then consider trying out electrolyte pills which work to help you absorb and use the water you drink more effectively.

2.    Eat A Balanced Diet of Nutrients and Vitamins

Chuck out the unhealthy temptations and fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables at the start. Look up how to cook these vegetables in new ways, like making sauces or soups, so you can give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep you powered and beautiful throughout the day.

3.    Use Products for Your Specific Skin

Finding the right products for your skin is one of the most important investments that you can make, and unfortunately, it can take time to find the right brands and products that work for your skin’s needs. This applies to everything from skincare products to makeup that matches your skin tone.

As this process can be daunting and even expensive, it’s important to use every trick in the book to find the products for you on a budget. Always see if there is a sample size before you buy, or go to the store to try the products first-hand. Save further by using discount codes, price drop alerts, or seller comparisons. Even something as small as using a Sephora free shipping code can help you save while you find the perfect products for your skin.

4.    Get A Great Night’s Sleep

Finally, remember to get a good night’s rest. This won’t be done by going to bed early every once in a while, either. You need to be consistent about when you sleep every single day. Only when you are strict with your sleeping hours will your body finally be able to work with you so that you can get a better, deeper sleep that repairs skin cells and allows you to wake feeling, and looking, refreshed.

5.    Be Consistent with Your Routine

No matter what, remember to be consistent. You won’t see results right away when you try something new, and you need to stick it out for a few weeks to get a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t. The only time you know it won’t work right off the bat is if you have an allergic reaction. Other than that, try out new options for a few weeks, and keep the ones that work for a lifetime.