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Gurabo La Ciudad de las Escaleras

Gurabo is a charming town located in the eastern region of Puerto Rico. It is known as “La Ciudad de las Escaleras” or “The City of Stairs” due to its hilly terrain, which is characterized by steep streets and stairways. The town was founded on July 17, 1815, making it one of the youngest municipalities in Puerto Rico.

Gurabo is a town that is known for its agriculture, with its main crops being sugarcane, plantains, and coffee. The town also has a strong industrial sector, with many factories and businesses that contribute to the local economy. In addition, Gurabo is home to several educational institutions, including the University of Turabo and the Gurabo Community College.

San Antonio de Padua

The patron saint of Gurabo is San Antonio de Padua, whose feast day is celebrated every June 13th. The town colors are green and white, which are prominently displayed during the town’s annual festivals and celebrations.

One of the most significant historical events in Gurabo’s history occurred in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. American forces landed in Gurabo and engaged in a battle with Spanish troops, which resulted in the surrender of the Spanish forces and the occupation of the town by the Americans. This event marked the end of Spanish rule in Puerto Rico and the beginning of American colonialism on the island.

Gurabo is home to several sites of interest, including the Jardín Botánico y Cultural de Caguas, which is a botanical garden and cultural center that showcases the flora and fauna of the region. The Casa de la Cultura is another popular destination in Gurabo, which houses a museum and art gallery that feature the work of local artists.

Parque del Agricultor

The town also has several parks and recreational areas, including the Parque del Agricultor, which is a public park that celebrates the agricultural heritage of the town. The park has a farmer’s market, playgrounds, and picnic areas for families and visitors to enjoy.

Another notable landmark in Gurabo is the Torre de la Esperanza, or “Tower of Hope.” This tower is a symbol of the town’s resilience and strength in the face of adversity, having withstood the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria in 2017. The tower serves as a reminder of the town’s perseverance and determination in the face of challenges.

Gurabo is a vibrant and dynamic town that is known for its agricultural and industrial sectors, as well as its educational institutions and cultural landmarks. With its steep streets and stairways, it has earned the nickname “The City of Stairs,” which reflects the town’s unique topography and character. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or natural beauty, Gurabo has something to offer everyone who visits.

Gurabo Local Weather
Gurabo, PR
7:50 am, March 26, 2023
scattered clouds
Wind: 1 mph
Pressure: 1019 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 6:23 am
Sunset: 6:35 pm

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