How to Avoid the Biggest Wedding Gown Issues on Your Big Day

Shopping for the wedding gown is one of the best parts of planning a wedding if you ask most brides. That said, some common mistakes can derail your plans. Learn how to avoid the most significant wedding gown shopping blunders.

Properly allocate funds

When you start planning your wedding budget, you will typically have to allow about 10% of it for your attire. What may not be apparent to many brides, though, is that it does not mean you should purchase a wedding gown that takes up 10% of your total wedding funds. That is because you also have to factor in alterations, the veil, the shoes, a headpiece, sparkling crystal bridal jewelry from, and all of the other wedding accessories. If you have used all the funds on the gown alone, you are either going to end up over budget or without all of the pretty accessories, crystal bridal jewelry, and other distinctive details necessary to complete your look.

Find a location first

Another big mistake is to begin shopping for your wedding dress before you have set a date or decided on a location. Many people would want to head to the nearest bridal store as soon as they get engaged – after all, trying on gowns is so much fun! But if you purchase your gown before you know when and where your wedding will take place, you may end up with a dress that does not suit the style of the event. The wispy chiffon gown you fell in love with won’t look so good if you end up having a late autumn wedding. The skimpy beach wedding dresses that first struck your fancy will seem out of place if you end up opting for an informal backyard ceremony. Once you have figured out when and where you will have your wedding, then feel free to shop to your heart’s desire.

Waiting too long

Speaking of when to shop, another common blunder is to wait too long. Many brides have no idea how long it can take to order a bridal gown or how many shopping trips you can make to find the right one! There is no worse feeling than the panicky fear that you are running out of time to order and you haven’t seen a dress that you love. Or falling in love with the perfect wedding gown ever, only to learn that you do not have enough time to get it made. Even if you could get a rush delivery, why pay for rush charges when you don’t have to? It is an excellent idea to order your wedding dress at least six months before your wedding, so start shopping even sooner than that. Buying a gown up to a year in advance would be reasonable, as long as you have already booked your venue. Just make sure they white chair covers for weddings to match your wedding dress.

Given the importance of the bridal gown, brides usually want help in selecting the right one. But sometimes too much help is no help at all! It is often much harder to find the perfect gown when shopping with a large entourage. That’s because everyone will have conflicting opinions. Most brides find that it is more productive to shop with only one or two people for opinions. From formal wedding dresses to mermaid wedding dresses, make sure you have your closest people there for support.

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