How to Experience Nature When on an Island

Islands are simply the best. There’s a reason that they tend to be seen as the ideal worldwide vacation spots. They offer peace, solitude, sun, and fun in equal amounts. Most of all, they offer authentic nature. Here are some of the best ways that you can connect with the natural island world.

Go on a Hike

Many islands offer biodiversity that extends far beyond the beach. Often, you can find islands with beaches, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, rocky landscapes, and jungles all within a surprisingly small vicinity. Choosing a hike will make an important difference in your vacation; you’re going to have to exert yourself and travel through the unknown. Just how much difficulty and uncertainty you’re willing to face will depend on your level of hiking experience. While sometimes it might be a good opportunity to forge your own path, the safer option is going to be to follow pre-established trails.

Swim in the Ocean

There’s something truly spiritual about the ocean – the massive size, the motion, and sound of the waves, the depths that hint at deeper life and intelligence. There’s no better and more straightforward way to connect with nature than swimming in the ocean. Take safety precautions, of course; sunscreen is a must. Make sure to check signs and talk with locals in order to avoid dangerous animal life, riptides, and storms. You should always be aware of your surroundings when swimming in the ocean. Bring snorkeling equipment, scuba gear, or a board if you want to experience the sea in a completely new way. But it’s not necessary – you just need yourself and a shoreline.

Observe the Fauna

Animal life is unique everywhere, but certain islands will have creatures and critters you’ve never seen before. This will especially be true if you visit somewhere in Oceania, where animals evolved independently of the other continents. Regardless – the island you visit may or may not have abundant animal life in plain view. You might have to go look for it. Make it an adventure! See if there are any natural history museums that can point you in the right direction.

No vacation can really compare to island life. There are also not many other locations that put you in such close proximity with nature. Being so far away from the cities and the streets and all other signs of ‘civilization’ will give you a fresh opportunity to connect with the world.

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