How to Explore Puerto Rico Like a Local

A place to start if you want to explore Puerto Rico like a local

Rum and sandy beaches, crowded nightlife, and amazing breakfasts… Puerto Rico is a whole package you won’t regret spending your vacation on. However, if you want to get to know all the magic of Isla del Encanto, you’ll want to do it like locals. Here’s how to explore Puerto Rico like a local and truly experience its spirit.

Find beaches with no name

The coastline of Puerto Rico is dotted with stunning beaches with powdery white sand and turquoise sea. Even though there are some fantastic ones in Vieques (another island part of Puerto Rico), you’re not going to see any locals there. If you want a local-like experience, just pull over on the side of the road to an unnamed beach and jump into the sea. If you’re fortunate, one of the stands here will also sell coconut-flavored arepas.

An abandoned beach
An accidentally found beach hides the most interesting treasures

Icacos Island is full of them

Icacos Island, located in the vicinity of Fajardo, has the feel of a lonely island. A perfect place to leave your worries behind. Because there are no facilities, umbrellas, food, or any other beach amenities, you will need to carry all of your own beach gear with you. The boat will drop you down on the leeward side, which is known for its tranquil waters and excellent opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. The reef in this area is rich in marine life, including fish, rays, and even turtles.

Go on a treasure hunt in Balneario de Boqueron

Balneario de Boqueron was a shelter for pirates in the past, but today it is a haven for beachgoers and local endangered species. Allegedly, the pirates concealed their riches in the surrounding caves. A good excuse to go treasure hunting, right? According to the experience of experts from Verified Movers, this legend makes many passionate treasure hunters move here. Also, it should be no surprise that this beach in the southeast of Puerto Rico has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award. It’s one of the world’s cleanest and most environmentally friendly beaches!

Paddle along the Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques in a kayak

This is the bay with the greatest amount of bioluminescence in the world. Because it is very hard to capture in a photograph (and anything that can be seen online has been heavily edited), it is something you must experience firsthand. Just watching this miracle with your loved one is one of the most romantic things you can do here. When there is movement in the water, the microbes light up like stars that shine in the dark. It’s like magic. You’ll keep waiting for mermaids (or pirates) to appear out of nowhere.

Don’t miss out on the nightlife

Puerto Ricans are passionate people. Therefore, expressing passion through dance is the most natural thing for locals here. That’s why the nightlife in Puerto Rico is something you don’t want to miss. Brava is the place to go to a party all night. If you leave your house sooner than two in the morning, you’re simply not doing it right. After having a good time at the party, go to the beach to watch the dawn.

Besides Brava, check out these places:

  • La Placita de Santurce
  • La Barrita del Lado
  • Tamboo Bar
A person on the beach
Watching the dawn after a night of passionate salsa is the experience out of this world

To explore Puerto Rico like a local – prepare your tastebuds

The same way Puerto Ricans are passionate about music and dance, they are also passionate about their food. There are so many different foods you need to try in Puerto Rico! If you want a truly wholesome experience, make sure to:

  • Visit El Mesón Sandwiches for breakfast after a night out.
  • Check out Los Kioskos de Luquillo.
  • Take a bite of Puerto Rican avocado. It is not like the avocado we have in these parts of the world. The skin’s texture is more refined and has a beautiful green color. The flavor is mild and nearly juicy.
  • Try Mofongo. This is the most Puerto Rican meal your tastebuds will meet.

Take a sip of marvelous Piña Colada and Pitorro

Pitorro was traditionally distilled at home using sugarcane or molasses. ”Puerto Rican moonshine” contains additional components such as sliced fruit, coffee, or hazelnuts. It’s a robust beverage that will get your body temperature up. Trying it is a good way to immerse yourself in this rich and beautiful culture. Also, Piña Colada is invented in Puerto Rico, so it’s no surprise you’ll find the best of the best right here.

A bartender and a cocktail
Puerto Rican bartenders make the most amazing cocktails

Don’t miss the rum

Since Isla del Encanto is a world leader in rum production, you don’t want to miss being enchanted with the finest dimes of this beverage. The favorite drink of pirates will be your favorite drink too here. Check out Sangria – one of the local special drinks with rum and acai as the main ingredients.

Beware – you might become a local

All the treasures the Island of Enchantment offers might enchant you so much you’ll want to move here. The decision is easy to make when you meet all this beauty, but collecting documentation for moving overseas – not so much. So, it might be best to contact experienced professional movers to help you handle the paperwork. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of your new home and explore Puerto Rico like a local as soon as possible.

Bottom line

Living on this beautiful archipelago seems like living a dream sometimes. When you explore Puerto Rico like a local, you can live the dream, too, at least for a brief moment. Besides trying out the things on this list, make sure to become friends with as many locals as possible. Because truly experiencing the place is never about entities or beautiful views. It’s about meeting people and sharing cultures through true, genuine interaction. Besides, a good Puerto Rican friend might uncover even more valuable local gems that will enchant you fully on Isla del Encanto.



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