How To Make Your Office Clutter-Free

Hate Mess? Here’s How to Make Your Office Clutter-Free

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After spending almost a year working from home, it is now time to get back to the office. But the first sight of your office desk may give you a heart attack. Do you remember the piles of paper shoved on the side table and those extra stationery items you tossed in the drawer? They have been still lying in the same place, waiting to get picked and left to the place where they belong. 

While the memory of the way you left your office on the last day of work may give you goosebumps, why not take it as an opportunity to clean your office from scratch? It is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is follow these easy steps and make your office clutter-free before you commence your work from your office

Read on.

  • Start from scratch 

Instead of just wiping off the dust from your table, plan to start from scratch. Remove every single thing from your table and empty the drawers, cabinets, and shelves. 

Now, clean your table, computer equipment, and other electronic devices. 

  • Check every item 

Assessing all your items is necessary because unless you know what you have, how will you know what you need? While accessing your office items, you will come across much extra stuff, like extra folders, markers, sticky notes, etc.  

Just go through everything and start your waste discarding spree. Make three piles- things you want to keep, things you want to throw, and things you want to archive. Make sure you follow the entire process attentively as you will be dealing with important documents. Also, check all your electronics and gadgets. 

Once you have sorted all your stuff, call a junk removal service to collect the junk. 

  • Create a filing system 

One of the biggest challenges of cleaning an office is sorting the piles of paperwork. Take a few folders and organize your paperwork according to the subject matter, document type, or date. Make sure every time a document comes to your table, you file it in the right folder. If you keep following the same norm, you will never have to tackle another pile of paperwork. 

  • Use shelves and dividers 

A drawer is the most cluttered place in any office. If you use the drawers to dump extra stationery, papers, etc., using shelves and dividers can help.  Use shelves to organize manuals, binders, reference materials, and other documents. Use drawers for organizing small items, like pens, paper pins, binder clips, sticky notes, and other stationery items. Place dividers in the drawer and arrange the items in different sections. 

  • Sort the business cards

A bunch of business cards and contact details scribbled on papers- these are staples of every office desk. Business cards create a lot of mess on the desk. Download apps that enable you to scan the business cards and store them on your smartphone. 

  • Clean regularly 

Once you have decluttered your office, make it a point to clean it regularly. After winding up your work each day, put all the items back to their respective places. Stop tossing every other item in your drawer. Your papers should either go to the designated folder or into the bin. 

If you stick to these norms, you will never have to spend hours cleaning your office time and again. 

The bottom line 

Clutter can cause stress. It can affect your productivity and focus. To set the right mood to work, declutter your office space now. Take a cue from these tips and make your office clutter-free. Check to find the best products for your office space.

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