How To Pack for Your Summer Vacation to Puerto Rico

So you have finally booked your dream vacation! You’ve taken the time off of work and are looking forward to getting away for some rest and relaxation while exploring a new place.

You are surely excited over your upcoming trip to Puerto Rico! And then the dreaded packing anxiety sets in. The thought of trying to figure out what to pack can take the edge off of your excitement and make getting ready for your trip seem like a chore.

It doesn’t have to be though. There are easy ways to go about packing that can make traveling a breeze so you can focus on enjoying your vacation and time away instead of obsessing over the preparation.

Make a List

One of the best ways to make sure that you include everything that you need for your trip is to create a packing list. There are many lists you can obtain online or you can tailor one for your own needs. If you travel frequently this is a great thing to keep with your suitcase so you can easily mark off all the items as they are added to make sure you don’t forget anything important.

Don’t Forget Important Documents

Make sure that you have all of your essential travel documents like your plane tickets, any reservation confirmations, valid identification, and credit cards. Keep these in a secure, but easily accessible place.

You should alert your bank and credit card companies so they are aware that there may be some purchases made outside of your normal area to avoid having your cards suspended for suspicious activity.

Bring Your Prescriptions

Another thing that’s important to bring along with you is any medications or supplements that you take. Try to keep these in your carry on to avoid potential loss.

It’s a good idea to have the original prescription bottles and a copy of the prescription or note from your doctor so authorities can verify that the medications are in fact prescribed to you for legitimate reasons.

Include some basic wellness support as traveling can be stressful. Supplements are an easy and convenient option. These energy renew reviews show the benefits of this supplement to help restore muscles after long days hiking and exploring. It will also give you more energy so you have the ability to fully enjoy your vacation.

Essential Toiletries

Next up on your packing list should be your basic essential toiletries like your toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc. Include all items that you would use on a daily basis.

Toiletries and personal hygiene items can usually be purchased later if you forget something, but it’s much simpler to pack everything together. Consider making a list of all the items you use throughout the day to make sure you don’t leave anything out.

Climate Appropriate Clothing

As far as clothing goes, what you need will depend on the climate and the time of year that you are traveling. Since Puerto Rico is a tropical climate, opt for light fabrics to keep you cool.

Pack at least one pair of long pants and a long sleeved shirt for inclement weather, but the bulk of your clothing can be shorts and t-shirts if that is your preferred outfit. Include enough changes of underwear and socks for the number of days you will be away.

Extras for Planned Activities

Take into account the type of activities that you plan to do on your vacation. If you’re going to do a lot of walking then sturdy, supportive shoes are absolutely necessary to include. Or, if you’re planning to spend most of your time on the beach or by the poolside, then a few bathing suits are a good idea.

If you plan out your trip in advance and have at least some idea of how you want to spend your days, you can make packing a snap. You also ensure that you are prepared for any occasion and can relax and enjoy your long awaited vacation!

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