How to Plan Your Next Winter Getaway to Puerto Rico

The beautiful, colorful, cultural island of Puerto Rico is the perfect destination vacation, especially during the Winter months. Warm sand and sun is the ideal spot for a getaway from otherwise cold and snowy weather! Here are a few things to think about as you plan your next getaway to Puerto Rico.

Identify Some Location Attractions

First thing’s first: create an itinerary! Look into the many tourist attractions that make Puerto Rico such an attractive location. This is an island where adventure and relaxation are both easily accessible— the thrill-seekers can try ziplining, surfing, snorkeling, cultural events, and exploring the colorful streets of this island’s coastal towns. Those who just need a beautiful and warm place to relax and take in some rays can spend their hours at any of the island’s gorgeous beaches, or trying out the many amenities in Puerto Rico’s resorts. Better yet, find a balance of both and take advantage of all these things the island offers!

Make Your Arrangements

Make the necessary accommodations for your stay! Start with your lodging—Puerto Rico has plenty of hospitality options, including hotels, resorts, and air bnb’s for any price range, all of which offer various benefits and amenities. Pick a place that offers what you need, where you need it! Once you have your lodging reserved, figure out how you will get around! While the public transportation and ride shares or private transportation platforms can get you from place to place, it may be easiest to invest in a rental car. This ensures that you will always have access to wherever you want to go, on your time tables, with the added benefit of your freedom of exploration! Young adults should keep in mind the age requirements on rentals. Under 25 drivers need to pay an extra surcharge for a rental car. This fee may still be worth that freedom and flexibility that comes with your own ride during your trip!

Pack Right

Make sure you’re prepared with the right clothes and supplies for your trip! Do some background research on the projected weather during your stay, and look into what the activities you intend to participate in suggest for clothing. Don’t forget the basics of any international trip: sunscreen and basic medications, comfortable shoes, and a way to protect your possessions from being stolen or damaged (like a money belt.) Being prepared will help the trip go smoothly, comfortably, and stress-free!

Puerto Rico may be your favorite vacation spot for years to come, if you are prepared with a great itinerary, great accommodations, and the right clothes and supplies for an easy trip!

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