How to Prepare Roof for Home Garden?

Roof Top Garden

Home Garden is making a lot of rounds in today’s time. As the spaces in the urban areas keep shrinking, allotting space for yard becomes a luxury. In such scenarios, if you wish to make your home look all green and fresh, you need to take in the idea of roof gardening. There are certain things to keep in mind when you plan to set up a home garden in your roof. Some of the commonly followed methods are listed below.

  • Evaluation of the roof 

The roof size is the overall surface area of your home. Moreover, when a new room is being raised in the roof, it is an overall different story as steel structures are included as a part of the installation. The same is not the case in the home garden. The roof must hold the entire weight of the pots, the items put into the pots, and the other kinds of equipment you use for maintaining the home garden. You cannot evaluate the roof all on your own. You need to call up a structural engineer who would examine the capacity of your roof. It is mandatory to ask for a license from the structural engineer.

  • Get the municipality approval 

The rules and regulations designated for the add-ons to a building vary from place to place. There are some places where setting up a roof garden is completely prohibited. So, you need to get approval from the municipality or any other concerned officials before you set your roof for the home garden.

Generally, the roofs of the homes are designated for a fun activity. People host BBQ parties in the roof in case they don’t have a lawn. They also order goodies from smokingthings and enjoy it with their family and friends. The regulations comply for these but when it comes to the roof garden, the municipality norms come into play.

  • Use windbreakers 

Your roof garden is more likely to be windy when compared to the other normal gardens. As it is in the roof, the velocity of airflow is way too high. You need to install windbreakers in your roof to obstruct the flow of air. There are different kinds of windbreakers available in the market. You need to ask the structural designer on what kind of windbreaker would suit your roof and the capacity of a windbreaker.

  • Plan the watering system 

You need to install a proper watering mechanism in your roof. In places like India, where usually the water is stored in the overhead tanks, watering the plants in the roof is not a huge deal. But in the places where the water storage tanks are placed differently, the watering process needs to be pre-planned.

There goes a lot of deliberations and planning before you set up a home garden. It is indeed very enthralling to use freshly cultivated fruits and vegetables for your cooking. With the right kind of planning put in place for setting the roof, the home garden becomes a reality. Check the sunlight exposure and don’t add very heavy furniture in the roof. Choose plants local to the area and buy soil and other equipment from the nearby locality.

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