How To Train Basketball During Lockdown

It has been really hard for a lot of athletes or sporty people to train their sport since the lockdown began. If you are a basketball player, you may be getting rusty because you are not able to go to the court, gym, or park any longer.

You may be thinking to yourself during these past few months, “Just what can I do to continue my basketball training?” In this article, you will know how you will be able to train basketball during the lockdown.


4 Ways On How To Train Basketball While You Are At Home

1. Get A Portable Basketball Hoop

The most reliable of them all is to get a portable basketball hoop. You can easily get one from without any hassles or worries. With a portable basketball hoop, you can play anytime, and anywhere.

After all, you cannot train without one. It is such an efficient tool to continue to train basketball while you are at home. That’s the place where you will be for the upcoming months after all. You can easily set it up, move it anywhere as long as there is sufficient space- and get your shootings on the go.

2. Clear A Designated Space

After getting a portable basketball hoop, you should clear a designated space to put it on. Consider where you are going to place this portable basketball hoop. Do you have an empty lot near you? Or perhaps, your driveway? Maybe your close neighbor’s driveway would allow it? Think of your options and pick the best one out of them.

You need to run around it for sure, you do not want to trip over or anything while you are training. So make sure to have enough ample space so that you will feel more like it. It is not just about the experience of shooting but testing your endurance, stamina, strength, etc., and having fun while running over to shoot that big orange ball over the hoops.

3. Consider Making Your Backyard Sports-Ready

It is time to clean and declutter your backyard if you want it to be a place for basketball. That way, you can set it up to make it sports-ready. First, you need to clear your yard. This means sweeping away the leaves, taking the fallen twigs and such, removing the grass, and a lot more.

Then, you can find the appropriate flooring after making sure the ground is stable and straight. There are a lot of flooring materials out there- from hardwood, concrete, or even asphalt. Consider what is your budget and how much you would want to spend on this to make your backyard a training ground for basketball.

4. Invite Your Family Or Your Close Friends To Train With You

After making sure that everything is already in place and in order, it is time for some fun basketball! You can choose to invite your family- perhaps your brother or other relatives to play with you.

And even your kids so that they will be able to learn from the professionals- as many love them especially from a young age. Just make sure that everything is safe and secure when you are about to use them. Do not forget about the ball!

You can also consider inviting your close friends to train with you as a good way to hang out. Make sure that everyone is safe from the virus, first- though. Because that would be a terrible scenario if everyone who had played there caught the disease.

With these 4 vital ways, you can now easily train basketball at home during this lockdown period. While it may seem hard to adjust- it is a good thing that there is an alternative to continue playing or training in basketball.

Do not worry, everything will go back to normal soon and you will find yourself playing freely with other people in the court, gym, or park in no time.

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