India’s Position in Online Gambling

Gambling, especially online gambling, is a highly complex topic in India. However, it does not stop Indians from participating in different gambling activities, be it during a family gathering, formal gambling houses in states where gambling is legal, or online casino sites that accept Indian players.

As the world has turned into a pandemic mode, people were confined in the comfort of their homes. One way of keeping themselves entertained is by participating in online gambling activities. It is the reason why online casino site is thriving in India amidst pandemic. If you are planning to join the bandwagon and try online gambling, you have to be aware of India’s current position in online gambling.

 India’s take in gambling

The legality of casinos in India has something to do with India’s Public Gambling Act. It states that gambling in any form is prohibited in India, but such a law was amended, giving each state the freedom to regulate its own gambling law. A few states in India allow land-based gambling, but for those who live in areas where land-based gambling is prohibited, the best resort is online gambling through online casinos.

The future of online gambling in India

If you are going to look at the Gaming Act of 1867, it prohibits gambling of all forms, which puts the gambling status in India in a dark light. As time passed by, the Indian government slowly acknowledged the positive effect of gambling on the economy. Hence, allowing all states to regulate gambling within their territory. However, the government is more lenient in gambling games that center around the game of skills than luck.

Online gambling in India has a bright future, especially when many online casinos are well-accepting to Indian players. These online casinos are located outside India’s jurisdiction, meaning even players located in Indian states that prohibit gambling in all forms can sign up and play at online casinos. The only thing that a player must ensure before playing is the correct legal status of gambling in the state where the player resides.


The following things drive the future of online gambling in India:

  • The increased popularity of online gambling in the country – Online gambling continues to thrive in India, especially in this time of pandemic where many people are confined in the comfort of their homes. The ease of internet access has made online gambling all the more popular in the country.
  • The availability of different types of games – Gaming software developers continue to innovate to offer countless selections of online gambling games that would capture the interest of both novice and seasoned online gamblers. Classic Indian games also made their way in online gambling platforms such as Jhandi Munda, Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. Such games are developed into mobile games where players can play using real money.
  • Advancement in technology – The rise of online gambling in India is also driven by the continuous advancement in technology. Not to mention the accessibility of mobile devices paired with mobile-based casino games, making online games all the more accessible to everyone.
  • Ease of internet access – many years ago, internet connectivity was one of the problems in India. The internet speed is slow and affects all sectors, including the online gambling industry. Fortunately, internet access has improved a lot as time passes by. Today, there’s a 5G network and major internet players delivering a faster and much-improved internet connection to different parts of India, even in remote areas.

The bright future of online gambling in India

Online gambling is a thriving industry not only in India but in most parts of the world. In India, gambling accounts for 15% of the online gambling traffic worldwide, as per the 2020 report. In India, online gambling is widespread and continues to increase in all age groups. For the record, about 80% of India’s population participate in online gambling at least once a year. The online gambling industry is foreseen to grow further by 41% by 2024.

Another factor that supports online gambling’s bright future in India is the fact that India is one of the top gaming software developers in the world. In addition to this positive prediction is the growing number of Indian companies that continue to contribute to games’ growth in the global market. These developments only go to show the bright future of India’s online gambling sector. The Indian government does not have a clear law regarding online gambling, but for the record, not one Indian is arrested or persecuted for participating in online gambling. However, it does not mean that you have to be bold when gambling online. The best thing to do is to play discretely and choose a highly reputable online gambling platform such as a registered and licensed online casino site.

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