La Isla Seattle Puerto Rican Cuisine

La Isla is Seattle’s and we’re pretty sure the whole state of Washington’s only Puerto Rican restaurant! Here you’ll come to love the flavors of Puerto Rico that we’ve grown up with, without actually having to go down there (although we advise going: Sandy beaches, Caribbean oceans, warm tropical breezes-I miss it already!).

Inside our façade of old San Juan, you’ll find fresh, wild caught seafood (which by the way, has won 2 first place awards at the Ballard Seafood Festival), vegan and vegetarian dishes, flavors you can’t find anywhere else, and you can wash them all down with what our reviewers say, ’Some of the best, unique and STRONG tropical drinks in town!’

Come visit The Island and sit on our patio in the sunshine. Grab a cool, tropical drink with your friends and family. Enjoy our food and let the city melt away to those warm island breezes and sandy beaches. I can see it now…

Visit La Isla Seattle Website for more information

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