Las Vegas To Los Angeles: 3 Ways To Travel At Every Budget

Traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is pretty straightforward and leaves tourists with a few options. A one-way trip can last anywhere from at least one hour to five hours, depending on the mode of transportation you choose. 

From Sin City to the City of Angels, you can choose to either hop on a bus, drive your car, or fly on a plane without worries. Find out more about the ways to travel in these cities based on your budget. 

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  1. The Cheapest Way To Travel From Las Vegas To LA (USD$20 to USD$40)

Travel by bus from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is the cheapest way to travel. According to some travel sites, taking a night bus will cost you only USD$20, with a travel period lasting about five hours. Ticket prices can go over USD$40, though, depending on the carrier, the travel period, and the type of ticket you get, along with the amenities or free bags included in the bus fare. All buses have Wi-Fi connectivity, and most have electric outlets to plug your devices into. Some may or may not have meals covered.      

One bus carrier will take you to LA Union Station or the University of Southern California, while the other bus company will drop you at the LA bus station. They depart from the Strip, so you may want to consider this if you’re booked from outside this famous area.          

It’s best to travel during off-peak hours and make sure to compare prices from all companies, to get the cheapest bus ticket. Watch out for limited promotional offers and book as early as possible, as advanced reservations are typically more affordable. If you’re planning to visit Las Vegas and Los Angeles, check out websites like Wanderu and others to get the best deals and offers. 

2. The Most Scenic (But More Expensive Way) From LV To LA (at least USD$ 41)    

If you’re taking a car with you, driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is an excellent way to explore some sights for minimal fees. These states are separated by over 270 miles and can take you over four hours, depending on your driving skills. 

Expect to shell out at least USD$ 41.86, as calculated based on the average fuel prices in Nevada as of this writing, which is at USD$3.876 per gallon. The estimated consumption rate runs an average of 10.8 gallons for cars that typically uses one gallon for every 25 miles. However, a weekend and holiday travel will substantially increase your fuel costs, and you must include this in your travel expense consideration. During peak season, the time you spend on the road can easily double, so expect to pay twice than you usually would. Otherwise, you can considerably reduce your expenses with these cheap travel tips so, you can set aside more cash to refuel your vehicle.

To reach Los Angeles from Las Vegas, take the Interstate-15 driving route. If you’re not in a rush to arrive at the City of Angels, seize this opportunity to visit some scenic spots. Drop by the vast 1.6-million-acre Mojave Desert within the National Preserve, the Joshua Tree National Park, and Palm Springs, before reaching LA’s downtown area.  

While domestic travel isn’t restricted, some conditions may apply, such as getting clearance and submitting other requirements as required for cross-border trips. 

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3. The Most Expensive Trip From Las Vegas To Los Angeles (at least USD$61 on average)

Like bus ticket prices, plane costs from Las Vegas to Los Angeles can drastically vary depending on the carrier and the travel period. Holidays, weekend travels, and the peak months of June and December carry higher prices for this flight route than other routes. If you’re visiting for leisure, try avoiding these periods alongside the most common rookie traveler mistakes when in Las Vegas.  

On the other hand, off-peak months are generally April and July, with Tuesdays as the travel date carrying the lowest-priced options. Book your tickets as early as possible or at least one week before your travel period to get below-average flight costs.         

Despite being the most expensive travel option, a plane trip is the fastest way to reach LA, with flights taking no more than one hour and 15 minutes to arrive. All flights depart from the two terminals of the McCarran International Airport, while the third terminal caters to international travelers. Public buses can take tourists to the airport, so are taxi cabs and ride-sharing apps.   

Several airline companies offer Las Vegas to Los Angeles flights daily. About twenty daily flights will take you to Burbank, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Ontario or San Bernardino.     

Final Thoughts    

Whether you’re pinching pennies or are willing to splurge, you can choose from these three key ways to reach Los Angeles from Las Vegas. Bus trips offer the cheapest way to travel, although it takes the longest, too. On the other hand, a plane ride is the priciest and fastest way to get to LA. Driving your car straddles in between cost-wise, but it can leave you tired at the end of the day. 

No matter which one you choose, consider your budget, the people you’re going with, and the primary purpose of your travel in every trip you make. 

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