Margarita Ruiz Johnson
Running: Texas Senate District 11

Working On:

Creating Jobs for District 11
Expanding Health Care to those who need it
Improving the quality of education our children get
Supporting our veterans and their benefits
Supporting our Seniors in Nursing Homes
Protecting our Nation


We can resolve problems, improve the quality of life for all individuals residing in the United States, for the betterment of our ​society, and move us forward towards a more perfect union.

A Brief History

Born in the Island of Puerto Rico. We are United States Citizens by birth when Puerto Rico was ceded to the US after the Spanish American War in 1898. I was raised in the island, until mother migrated to the United States. My sister Carmen and I decided that we did not wanted to be held back in school, due to a language barrier, and worked on 20 English words a day(read, write and spell) to learn the language and communicate with our teachers. We learned English in 6 months. I graduated from high school in 1966 and immediately entered the United States Army. From Fort Rucker, Alabama, I was responsible for the payment of wages and salaries for National Guards and Reserves Units activated to go into combat in Viet Nam.

At Fort Rucker, I met and married, Warrant Officer Peter Johnson, son of Major General Chester Lee Chittenden Johnson. As time went by, Warrant Officer Johnson transferred to the Air Force, flying the C-130 to Europe from Ellington AF Base, Texas. Soon after, he became Major Johnson. Today he is a retired officer and presently flies as a private corporate pilot out of Houston Hobby Millionaire.

Peter and I have two children: Jennifer and Sonia. Jennifer has her own business in Friendswood, Texas. Sonia is a farmer and lives in Romayor, Texas. They both love what they do. Peter and I have six grandchildren.

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