Mayaguez Puerto Rico


Mayaguez Puerto Rico
“the Sultan of the West”, “La Sultana del Oeste”,
“City of Pure Waters”, “Ciudad de las Aguas Purasí”,
“el Pueblo de Mango”Gentilic: “Mayagüezanos”
Mayagüez (mah-yah-GWES) is the eighth-largest municipality of Puerto Rico. Also known as “La Sultana del Oeste” (The Sultan of the West) or “Ciudad de las Aguas Puras” (City of Pure Waters), Mayagüez is located in the western part of the island of Puerto Rico. Its land area is 201.06 km² . The municipio has an estimated population of just over 100,000 spread over 21 wards including Mayagüez Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city). One of the wards (barrios)  is Isla de Mona e Islote Monito, which consists of the offshore islands of Mona Island and Monito Island. This is the largest ward by land area, and at the same time the only one without any permanent population. Also, uninhabited Desecheo Island is part of the municipio, as part of Sabanatas barrio.Mayagüez is located 2 hours by automobile from San Juan.

The wide cross represents Christianity brought to the New World by Cristopher Columbus, who signed his documents with the phrase and the sign of Christ Ferens, which means: “He who has Christ.” The blue and white waves in third to fourth quarter recalls the Shield granted to Columbus by the Catholic Kings. The waves represent the ocean and the Mona Passage in which he sailed to bring the gospel to these new lands. The blue and white waves symbolize the Yagüez River and recalls the nickname City of Pure Waters
Coat of ArmsThe colombine shield recalls and commemorates the discovery of the Island of Borinquén, today Puerto Rico, by Cristóbal Columbus in his second trip to the New World in 1493. The discoverer disembarked at the western coast of the island, where several rivers spill their waters in the Mona Passage, among them the Yagüez, from which the name of Mayagüez is derived.


Festivals and events


Three Kings Festival – January
Black and White Festival – January
Danza National Festival – February
Matron Celebrations – February
Mayagüez Carnival – May

Seco Festival – July

Mango Festival – August

Artisan Fair – November

Christmas Festivities – December

Patron Festivities Virgin
of Candelaria – February

Hon. José
Guillermo Rodríguez (PPD)
P.O. Box 447
Mayagüez, P.R. 00681
(787) 834-1192


Town Colors: White and
Patron Saint:Nuestra
Señora de La Candelaria
Ciudad de Mayagüez:

La ciudad de Mayagüez está ubicada justamente en el centro de la región oeste de la isla de Puerto Rico. Tiene una superficie geográfica que abarca unas 77.6 millas cuadradas. Colinda con los Municipios de Hormigueros, San Germán y Cabo Rojo por el sur, Añasco por el norte, Las Marías y Maricao por el este y el Canal de la Mona por el oeste.
Arecibo Observatory and Radio TelescopeZoològico Dr. Juan A. Rivero, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s main zoo (Zoológico zoorico) is located in Mayagüez near the agricultural research station. The site includes 90ac/36ha of tropical vegetation surrounding a children’s park, lake, and islands. While the zoo can’t compare to others in the world, Puerto Rico has tried extensively to create natural habitats for the residents. The result is a pleasant zoo with decent size space for the animals to live. The Zoológico Zoorico maintains over 300 species of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. A visit to the zoo makes for a pleasant family outing.
Arecibo Observatory and Radio TelescopeYaguezTheater

The Yaguez Theater was inaugurated in 1909 in the urban center of the town of Mayaguez. It was built by Mr. Francisco Maymon Palmer who was a local pioneer of the silent film industry. Even before silent films became popular in Puerto Rico Mr. Maymon would bring them from across the world and distributed them throughout the island. In Mayaguez he and his partners exhibited silent films in the old municipal theater until they built the Yaguez.
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