Most Notable US Olympic 2020 Medalists

American Olympics 2020 Triumph

Most notable US Olympic 2020 medalists

The United States has no equal in the world. Americans showed inimitable greatness at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The US team heads the official medal standings after getting gold in women’s volleyball. The United States won 39 gold, 40 silver and 33 bronze medals at the Games.

Men and women basketball hegemony

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the main match of the women’s basketball tournament ended. The teams of the USA and Japan met in the fight for the championship. The American women dealt with their rivals without any problems for the second time in nine days (previously there was a victory in the group stage 86:69) and brought their country the most important gold medals.

Thus, since 1984, American women have obtained Olympic gold 9 times out of 10 possible. American basketball fans steadily placed bets at their national team using the app which can be found on this page

The US men’s team, having beaten France, brought in another Olympic gold – 16th in history. In the group stage, the French defeated the American team for the first time in 17 years, and in the final they showed quite worthy resistance. But they still failed to defeat Greg Popovich’s wards twice, and the French team will return home with silver medals.

Swimming abundance of medals

Swimmers Murphy R, Andrew M, Dressel C and Apple Z prevailed in the race in 3 minutes 26.78 seconds. They made it 0.73 seconds ahead of runner-up United Kingdom. Bronze was secured by the Italians, who ran the distance in 3 minutes 29.17 seconds.

The US men’s team became the winner in the 4x100m combined relay at the Tokyo Olympics, updating a world record. The main hero of the United States at the Olympics was the seven-time champion Caleb Dressel, who said that he did not make much value from his multiple awards at the Olympics.

The American champion has won five top honors at the Games in Japan. “For me, it’s not about medals. I will not save any of them. Guys, envy the other, – quotes the words of Dressel Yahoo. – The most interesting thing I get is racing and wrestling. This is what I enjoy. I don’t need a piece of metal as a reminder of victory.

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