Retro Studios, the subsidiary of Nintendo is famous for developing games like Donkey Kong and Metroid Prime.

Most of the employees do love to munch on sumptuous steaks and other barbecue dishes during the break-time.

Texas BBQ grill is world-famous as the steaks are made in an old-fashioned manner, i.e. with a high amount of grease and crispy bark on the outside.


Apart from the main dish, the Texas BBQ also offers you a wide range of mouth-watering side dishes.

This will eventually enhance your dining experience and you won’t be able to forget the great taste for a long time.

Moreover, you will also get the authentic hot sauce to savor every bite of various types of steaks. 

Techniques and tips to improve

While you are picking a BBQ grill joint there are few things that you need to kee into consideration.

The menu offered

Primarily, you need to focus on the menu offered by the BBQ grill joint.

In Texas, there are wide ranges of barbecue restaurants that will provide you a vivid menu that includes a main dish, side dish, and drinks.

Type of fuel used

You do want to eat BBQ dishes that are cooked authentically.

For this purpose check the type of fuel used by the restaurant, for instance, do prefer restaurants that use wood or charcoal for grilling.

This will traditionally smoke the steak and you will get a delightful taste in every bite.

Barbecue sauces

No one likes to eat a steak without best grill brush with hot and spicy sauce.

Well, most of the grill joints in Texas offer traditional or exotic BBQ sauces that are great to eat with different types of steaks viz. veal, lamb, beef, etc.

Correcting common problems

While you are heading for a casual grilled steak at one of the BBQ joints in Texas, then there are few things that you need to keep in consideration.

Limited menu

It would be wise that you check the menu offered by a BBQ joint in advance and see whether they serve your favorite steak or not.

This way you do not have to face huge disappointment.

Full reservation

As most of the barbecue joints in Texas offer excellent quality steaks, this is the reason why they are fully reserved in advance.

You are required to secure your place by booking a table beforehand.

No side dish

Who doesn’t like grilled veggies, fruit salad, or pickles with barbecued steaks?

Few grill joints in Texas only serve a primary meal; this is the reason why you need to consult them in advance.

Analysis of best practice

For those of you who like to visit traditional BBQ joints in Texas, it would be better to keep a few points into consideration.

Grilling the steaks in a traditional manner

Nothing is more compelling than to take the first bite from a steak that is cooked authentically.

To offer every customer prime services, BBQ grill joints in Texas light the charcoal or wood with perfection.

They lit the fire at the base and then place the pieces of wood or charcoal on the top.

This process offers a relative amount of smoke that will make steaks flavorful.

Pre-heat the grill

The secret behind the best-barbecued steaks offered by Texas grill joints is to thaw the raw steak in advance.

Most of the chefs also prefer to pre-heat the grill and season the steaks beforehand.

This process offers rustic and traditional taste; moreover, cooking steaks at an optimal temperature helps to form excellent bark.

Tools you can use

It is essential to use genuine tools to cook savory and traditionally flavored steaks.

Some of the most common tools used by the chefs of Texas BBQ joints are listed below.

Charcoal or wood

To cook veal and beef steaks it’s important to use wood or charcoal that burn slowly and produce lots of smoke.

Texas BBQ joints use oak wood and high-quality charcoal for grilling purposes.

Chimney starter

A chimney starter is a device that aids in creating a relatively large amount of heat as well as smoke without any hassle.

Temperature probes

Steaks do get cooked perfectly when optimal temperature, as well as pressure, is maintained.

This is the reason why temperature probes are used during the grilling process.

These types of equipment are made up of stainless steel or aluminum that allows them to withstand high temperatures easily.