Ocean Activities You Should Do in Puerto Rico

So, you’ve just booked your flights to beautiful Puerto Rico, and now you’re wondering what you should do while you’re there. Puerto Rico is famous for its tropical waters and pristine beaches, so you should definitely make sure you schedule in a few water activities while you’re there. Here are a few ocean activities that you should participate in while visiting Puerto Rico.


One of the most popular ocean activities in Puerto Rico is fishing. There are many fishing shops that line the beaches that will be able to outfit you with all the supplies that you need. Even if you’ve never been fishing before, experienced fishing crews will be able to help you to have a fun and memorable experience. When you’re choosing what beach to fish at, you should consider Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays. These bays have special microorganisms in the water that light up at night when touched or disturbed. Fishing in these waters can make for a magical experience.

Scuba Diving

Another fun ocean activity that you should enjoy in Puerto Rico is scuba diving. Generally, you’ll need to complete a scuba diving certification course before you can book a scuba diving experience. This requirement allows you to scuba dive in safety and take advantage of the time you have for the experience. Your scuba diving tour will help you to know what equipment you need before diving. They’ll likely supply you with equipment like diving regulators and wetsuits. More advanced diving regulators can help you breathe naturally while under water.


Don’t forget surfing when you’re scheduling fun ocean activities in Puerto Rico. Surfing is one of the most popular sports for tourists and natives alike. Some of Puerto Rico’s most popular surfing beaches are Isabela, Aguadilla, and Rincon. There are surfing classes and outfitters that will help you to ride on top of the waters. If you aren’t very confident in your surfing skills, you can also try paddle boarding. Paddle boarding also involves balancing on a board similar to a surfboard, but you are propelled by your own paddling rather than by the power of the waves beneath you. This activity is slower and more relaxing that can also help you to learn to balance, preparing you to surf later.

So, if you’re planning on visiting Puerto Rico soon, remember this article when you’re planning your itinerary. From fishing to scuba diving to surfing, there are so many great activities to entertain you at the beach, in addition to all of the sounds and sights of the island. Once you’ve seen and experienced the beauty of Puerto Rico, you’ll never want to go home!

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