Planning a Beach Getaway to Puerto Rico? Do These Things First

You can’t go wrong with a beach getaway to Puerto Rico! The beautiful beaches, friendly culture, and exciting things to explore make this place the perfect vacation spot. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the climate, activities, and people that will ensure the best trip possible.

Prepare for the Heat

Puerto Rico is notoriously hot! According to Climates to Travel, the tropical climate of this island makes for some significant heat, year-round—though May to October is more humid than the rest of the year if that is a deciding factor for picking your vacation date! Preparing yourself for the heat will help you actually enjoy yourself instead of feeling miserably sweaty or stuffy. Bring or buy a good water bottle that you can use to stay hydrated! Drink lots of water to cool down the internal temperature of your body and replenish the water you sweat out. Wear highly protective sunscreen and find means of shade as often as possible, like umbrellas or hats. Consider planning indoor activities to enjoy for the hottest parts of the day, and enjoying the beauty of outdoor Puerto Rico during the cooler times!

Learn to Swim

The beaches of Puerto Rico are one of the main reasons it is such a desirable destination. Swimming in these cool and clear waters is a favorite activity of locals and tourists alike—but it is important that anyone wanting to try out the ocean waves knows how to swim in them. Regardless of your age, if you are not a strong swimmer you should consider taking lessons to improve your swim skills, developing muscle memory, and problem-solving that can help you in times of distress! According to SwimJim, an awareness of your buoyancy and movements in the water helps keep you safe while you play.

Learn Some Local Lingo

Brush up on your Spanish! While tourist resorts and most shops or services have adapted to ensure they can communicate in English, learning some Spanish immerses you a bit more in this vibrant culture and makes your trip more unique. Ask the local residents of your area what their favorite parts of town are, where are the best restaurants, and what sights you shouldn’t miss out on. You don’t have to be fluent, but according to Spanishland School, learning some basic Spanish will help you feel more confident in your travels and may get you an inside scoop on the area!

The full potential of your vacation to Puerto Rico is within your reach if you will prepare yourself for the heat, learn the skills necessary to enjoy available activities safely, and pick up some basic phrases that can help you get around. Once you’ve done this you can sit back, relax and enjoy all Puerto Rico has to offer!

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