Atabey Womens Crop Top White

Atabey Womens Crop Top White

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Atabey Womens Crop Top WhiteVery small sized item…suited for petite young ladies.
In the Taino religion she is recognized as mother of the waters and goddess of the heavens. She is the mother of Yucahu.

Atabeira (Atabey).
En la religion de los Tainos ella es reconocida como la madre de las aguas y diosa de los cielos, Atabey es la madre de Yucahu.

A fitted crop top to pair with skirts, jeans, and much more. Made of 100% cotton, this crop top has a soft hand feel and light texture.

• 100% 30/1 combed cotton
• Form fitting
• Made in the USA
• Two colors: black and white
• Bottom hem has an unfinished, raw edge

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