Cocina Criolla

Cocina Criolla

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Cocina CriollaBy Carmen Aboy Valldejuli

Discover the delicious foods of Puerto Rico through the easy-to-follow recipes in this classic cookbook, Considered by many to be the Puerto Rican “Joy of Cooking”.

Just as the author herself learned to cook at the elbow of the cooks in her father’s kitchen, you’ll start with the basic ingredients in Puerto Rican cooking and build upon those to create a vast repertoire of authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.  Like most cook books, Mrs. Valldejuli’s book is divided into chapters: Soups; meats; poultry; fish and shellfish; fritters and coquettes; pasta dishes; salads and cold dishes; rice and legumes; cakes and icings; pies custards and creams; coconut desserts, ice creams, sherbets; sandwiches and beverages.  Last but not least, there’s a chapter on rum drinks!  Imagine a young Puerto Rican bride about to establish her own home – This is the first cookbook she would have – and it would last her for life!

In Spanish, Hardcover, 469 Pages, 2011 (68th Printing).

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