La Puerta de la Bandera Marble Tile Coaster

La Puerta de la Bandera Marble Tile Coaster

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La Puerta de la Bandera Marble Tile Coaster“La Puerta de La Bandera” (The Door of the Flag). Painted by Rosenda Álvarez in 2012. Located in San José street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Our handcrafted, one of a kind, tile collection was designed to showcase the beauty of the island of Puerto Rico and its people. Each tile is individually crafted so every tile is unique, and therefore none are alike.

These exclusive tiles can be displayed as decorative pieces of art in your home or function as drink coasters. We sell easels to proudly display your tiles, while the cork backing keeps the tile from sliding when used as a drink coaster.

The tiles are made of tumbled Botticino marble and are mainly sourced from a quarry in Verona, Italy.

Easel not included with the purchase of the tile.

$12.00 plus Shipping

Available from Jibaro Puerto Rico

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