Wooden Domino Table Top Puerto Rico Hijos de Borinquen

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Wooden Domino Table Top Puerto Rico Hijos de Borinquen

Domino table top ONLY (it doesn’t come with legs and it is not designed to have legs)A Table top looks similar to a picture frame,please look at the sample photos for reference.” **Este producto es un (Table top)parecido a un cuadro y no viene con patas,esta diseñado para jugar encima de otra superficie.Por favor mirar las fotos de ejemplo para referencia -Gracias Made from solid and high quality wood ,this beautiful dominoes table top it is handmade and measures approximately 29x29x1,and the playing area measures 22×22 inches.

.The ones in the pictures are stained in Dark Walnut ,however I also offer other stains colors as well: Black Cherry,Kona,Golden OAK,Cherry, Ebony and Carbon Gray.I have two options for the domino holders(cigars or sticks) $160.99 for the tabletop with cigar domino holders and $130.99 for the tabletop with stick domino holders. -The bottom of the table has felt pads for protection of surface it is placed on and also it will come with an attachment to be hanger on the wall .-The wood on the table it is sealed with few coat of polyurethane for protection and the playing area has an epoxy resin

$130.99 plus $76.99 Shipping

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