Props Provide Value to Savvy Bettors

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Part of the NFL’s charm for average viewers is that any given Sunday any team in the league can end up in the win column. That’s great for fans, but can make for difficult days for bettors who are looking to make some extra money. But people have options besides betting on the spread or how many points are scored.

Players props set by Vegas NFL odds on BetUS give bettors options to bet on a number of different statistical categories. These numbers can be bet pre-game or in-game. All the different options provide bettors’ with an advantage because the amount of prices available makes it difficult for bookmakers to actively price every bet. Much like with betting a spread or the point total, bettors should pay attention to the line movement to see what the market thinks.

Head-to-Head Matchups

When it comes to prop bets on NFL games, there are a number of different ways to attack betting them. Some books will offer head-to-head matchups allowing bettors to bet on things like passing yards, receiving yards and rushing yards to see which of the two players will finish with more yards.

These categories eliminate the stress of worrying about any other aspect of the game other than the two players who are competing for stat totals. The value here lies in that it allows bettors to take advantage of several avenues for research. Interviews with coaches can provide insight into how much they plan to run or throw. Plus, many statistical websites exist so people can get an idea for how much someone plans to throw or run.

These numbers can sometimes lead to the favorites being stuck with a lot of extra juice. If Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers is matched up against a veteran journeyman, the line could be so one-sided it isn’t worth playing.

Player Over/Unders

In addition to head-to-head numbers, most sportsbooks put out a large list of categories where a number is given for an over/under on a yardage total. For the NFL, there are usually options for passing, rushing and receiving yards. Sometimes, there are options available for longest field goal, total tackles by defenders or sacks.

Trying to project these numbers can be easy for bettors, as there are numerous places to track the previous performance of all players. While past performance isn’t necessarily an indicator of how an NFL player will fair in the next game, it at least provides a foundation for what number to expect.

Same Game Parlays

A recent phenomenon in sports betting has been bettors being allowed to parlay several player props together to make it a parlay. The advantage to putting a bunch of props together is the odds add up quickly and bettors can see large returns. The disadvantage is that since it is a parlay, every leg of the parlay will have to hit or the player will lose the entire wager.

We’re Doing it Live

Player props can change during the game. If the opposing team has a long first possession, the passing yards expected for a quarterback may sink from the pregame number. This provides bettors with a chance to try and get a feel for the game before placing a bet. These numbers are available until late in the fourth quarter, so there are plenty of betting opportunities when the game starts. This is a good way to stay engaged during the game, but bettors should avoid using this to chase losses. Hedging should be used to try and cut down on losses.

If you try to chase losses with a live player prop on a money line or spread bet, you could end up with more than one loss and compound the situation.


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